Twenty Stars

Imagine us on the Sky Bridge seeing the city in front of us and those airplanes above us. Seeing the traffic below while sitting on a high aluminum green pipe, having our feet hanging and speaking our hearts out. I'll have a cake with no candles on it because instead of making 20 wishes and blowing 20 candles, I want you to wish on 20 stars tonight. Look where we are now.

It still amazes me how a stranger can turn into one of the biggest influences in your life. You're a charming and talented young man and I am very proud of you. You'll do great, with or without me. In case you're still wondering, I'm doing all this because if we don't get together, ever, I want you to remember me. I haven't officially wished you a happy birthday, so happy birthday.

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Narendra Pawaka said...

It was the best birthday surprise ever, thank you Nadia Juliana. I'll miss you, as always.