Strange Saturday

Spending it alone or having to go to work on this worldwide-and-public-Holiday (read: Weekend, precisely speaking-- Saturday) doesn't make you lifeless or means that your weekend has gone to waste, it's quite the contrary, it means your life has a little more color, because yours is not exactly like everybody else's. Oh, who am I kidding, Saturday is so boring that I mixed it up with weekdays sometimes, I don't really know the difference anymore. I'm not going to lie, it's actually a pretty rough week for me, it's the forth month of the year and my energy is draining quite drastically, not sure if it is the way I want to end the month. And of course, you're here to read all the not-so important blogs that I post about (Speaking confidently as if any of my blogs shows any signs of importance), not whining about why I'm having a hard time. So, here are just a few things I want to point about in this post:

1. New movies that are supposedly out by now in the theaters haven't came out yet! Could all those rumors of new Hollywood not being able to enter Indonesia be true after all? Oh, no! Say it isn't so!

2. Is it me or are there just way too many singer/bands coming to Indonesia this year? If there is anything else draining quite drastically, it should be the size of the wallets of all the teenagers trying to get access to the concerts! And while you're browsing through the net for who's performing where or booking the tickets for the next shows, come see my Bruno Mars post on my previous blog:)

3. The Royal Wedding. Must be living in a cave for missing out on this huge event. Brings me back to the days where Prince Charles got married to Lady Diana, it was just as lavish and everyone was also as excited as they were with the previous Royal Wedding. We just love to believe in fairytales, don't we? I knew that there's always a-little-girl-who-has-Disney-storybooks-as-her-Bible side to everyone of us:')

4. It's almost the holidays for those of you in school or campus having all those exams and finals, hang on just a little bit! Freedom is so close, you can already smell it!

5. Do you realize that we're a month away before entering the last half of 2011?! I hate it when time flies that we barely realized any of the time being wasted, then again, you know what they all say, time flies when you're having fun;)

keep the faith

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Over the Moon for Mars

Recent Song on Play: One Step at a Time- Jordin Sparks

"There's no need to rush, it's like learning to fly... Or falling in love,
It's gonna happen when it's suppose to happen and we'll find the reasons why...
One step at a time."

Tuesday, 5th of April 2011

At approximately 5 p.m in the afternoon, Narendra picked me up at the usual meet-up point. While introducing me to his younger brother, who happens to be taller than Narendra is, they both left me questioning on where we're about to go later that evening, because being the annoying little monkey that Narendra is, he just happens to love making me curious, but little did I know, I was in for an amazing surprise that night.

So I thought it was just another random Tuesday night as Narendra and I used to spend in our spare time, I was guessing we were up for a movie or some dinner that night, and when we arrived at Plaza Senayan, we walked to a fried rice vendor just outside 711, and there was when I receive the jaw-dropping news. Narendra got me a ticket to Bruno Mars' concert and all he did was, after giving me little zaps of heart attack, smiling wide knowing that he succeeded on surprising me. (Darn you, MoJo!) I was mad at first, because I clearly didn't ask for it and I just think it's rather an extravagant spend to watch concerts, but I cooled off a bit after listening to his explanation. The weird thing is, Narendra didn't even plan on going to the concert in the first place, but one of his cousins canceled last minute and gave the ticket to him. Being the generous and thoughtful gentleman that he is (This is an unpaid promotion, I swear!), he wanted to ask me to go to the concert with him and he would only buy the ticket if he found the same ticket details as his, such as the gate number and the place where we can be seated. Narendra just randomly search from his friends who want to sell a ticket and long story short, he surprisingly found a ticket that had the same details as his, which I still think to this day was quite unreal. Well because, firstly, it was last minute, Narendra only had less than a day to find a ticket for me when it was sold out. And second, he got a ticket that had the same seating arrangement as his, the one that he got from his cousin.

The surprise!
...he was my biggest surprise actually

So after we had a little taste of Jakarta's wide varieties of street food, we walked to the concert venue by foot while having random conversations, Narendra accidentally bumped into one of his friend and continued our walk together to Istora. So we took a couple of pictures with Bruno, in cut-out shapes, that is... And to my surprise, one of the journalist of TEEN Magazine walked up to me and ask if she can do an interview and take a picture to feature in the magazine. Being the confident young Radio Announcer that Narendra is, he kindly received the offer and was interviewed with a couple of questions. (FYI, the issue is out, so grab it while it's hot!)

This if my furious face because of not telling...

From outside of Istora, I can hear noises from inside the stadium, so Narendra, Nabil and I rushed inside just to find out that it was a false alarm and that we didn't miss anything because the show hasn't started yet. Well to me the opening is the setting bar that is going to weigh whether the show is going to amazing or just okay, so we definitely don't want to miss out on that. Nabil had a different seating arrangement, so it was just the two of us, and it wasn't long after we have arrived to our seats that the lights began to went off and the show was about to go on.

Sound. I thought I heard some sound from the stage. Drums! Someone is beating the drums and I swear he looks like Bruno. IT IS! I didn't fully acknowledge that "I'm going to see Bruno Mars" until I got into the stadium at first, sat down, saw everyone so pumped up about the concert, screamed a little bit (Well actually, a little bit turned out to be a little too loud) and thought "Goodness gracious, I'm going to see Bruno Mars!" The show had a great start and I knew it will could only get better from there. He sang the hits that I've been longing to hear like Nothing on You, The Lazy Song, Grenade, Marry You, Count on Me, and I was introduced to a new and highly seducing song, Our First Time. Everyone sang along and Bruno definitely knew how to entertain the crowd. He played guitar, danced around and hit all the right notes. 90 minutes felt like 10 and the show ended way too soon. We took a couple pictures to end the night and left the stadium with smiles on our faces.

Ready for Bruno!
Look at everyone behind us! Waving their hands and packed with audience

We walked back to Plaza Senayan where Narendra parked his car, talked about the show and Nabil went straight to Dreamland. Narendra stopped at 711 to buy Lemon Water before driving all the way home. I still can't thank him enough 'til this second... Again, he got me with one of his insane surprises. Beautifully insane surprises.

keep the faith

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Earth, I Love You

Oh, come on and be a man about it, earthlings. Admit that you've taken the blue planet for granted. We litter, we use water and electricity far more than we need them to, and we even pollute, too. We make it as if everything in this world lasts forever. Guess what, genius, I got news for you-- they don't. I'm assuming if all your senses still work pretty darn well, you can feel the difference from time to time. The weather, the forests, even the oceans experience its differences.

I know most of us think it's the government's job to take care of our country, well you're a citizen too you know. So rather than complaining that everyone's not doing their jobs properly, you can also contribute by doing the little changes. Never underestimate the small changes, because these small changes lead to the big ones. I won't act like such a know-it-all and give you tips about how you too, can make this "small differences," but here's a simple list of tips that you can apply to your daily lives and just squeeze into your schedule, no matter how tight it appears to be.

1. Walk, don't run. I know it might seem like the easier option, because it's so much faster and more comfortable to use our personal car rather than choosing the public transportation, but why not walk the extra mile? Other than saving money for gas, it gives you the extra work out you need! Or follow the new budding trend, CYCLING! As much as I want to follow this trend, I can't. I'm not the best when it comes to "balancing" things. Other useful tip: Use the stairs than the elevator;) Whatever it takes to use less energy, do it.
2. Turn it off. Turn your lights off when not needed. Or even more fun, turn them off even when you do! I don't use the lights while I'm bathing, I just memorize where everything is and I find it so much "challenging" and helpful for the environment at the same time. Turn the water faucet off whenever you're done with it, shower less (I know someone's going to be ecstatic about this tip!) and every drop counts! So don't waste water, people!
3. More organic, less meat. Organic means healthier, less pesticide. Good for your body, better for the environment! And I'm not going to be an extremist by telling you to stop eating meat, but I'm just saying that there's no harm in eating less of our fellow animals.
4. Less dramatic with plastic. Look around your house and see just how many things are made up of plastic. As if global warming needs more help in making the Earth suffer more. If you have to carry your things from the groceries store to your car, then carry them. But if you're a big spender who shops a lot, then carrying your own bag is the perfect solution.
5. Recycle! Be as creative as you can. Go all out! Make DIY (Do It Yourself) products. Some people make good profit out of it!

We must not only think about what will happen today, but remember we have a lot of things in front of us. Natural disasters can't be prevented, but we can definitely lessen the probability.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.
- Native American Proverb

keep the faith

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Dream A Little Dream

Now on Play: Sleeping to Dream (Live Version)- Jason Mraz

"I'm counting my sheep and each one that passes is another dream to ashes and they all fall down.
And as I lay me down tonight, I close my eyes, what a beautiful sight.
Sleeping to dream about you and I'm so tired of having to live without you, but I don't mind.
Sleeping to dream about you and I'm so tired."

Funny how your dream changes as you grow up. Little by little you find out what you really want to do and as your passion ignites, you reach this level of ambition, the getting to what you want part. Do you write your dreams down? I do. It's such a lie if I say that I don't really care if they come true or if they don't, of course I want them to come true, even the ones that didn't really matter, or the ones that didn't seem that important, the level of significance to each dreams is the same to me.

As for me... Growing up, all I can ever think of is going to one of the top universities in the United States. If it's not Princeton, it's Yale, or Harvard; I craved for the best there is. I even wrote it in my "Schools" section on my Friendster profile, adding a little 'magical phrase' at the end of the list, "Let's just see. Hey, a girl can dream... And the opportunity to fulfill it," thinking it was still achievable. Even though I knew that you'd have to be either freakin' rich, and I mean Donald-Trump-just-adopted-me kind of rich, or freakin' smart, and I mean Einstein-is-my-father kind of smart.

But I realized that I was so much more passionate when I was young, and I have so much hope, compared to who I am now as I grow up. I have so many pompous dreams, but I become more realistic as life shows its surprising scenarios. Not that I became frightened of dreaming, I just watch my way of dreaming. I guess what used to be the definition of dreaming is not knowing what you'll do to get there, you just had enough courage to go for it, not that your parents' money is going to buy your dream for you, not that the link or connection that you have will help you get there, you just work your hardest, try your best, and if God permits, it'll happen for you. And that view of dreaming never really change, but again, reality hits me so very hard in the head.

I learned that education itself is a process, rather than a place. You learn each day from experience, from the people you meet, from everything that happened around you, that teaches you so much, even sometimes more than any classes or smart lecturers.

I remember reading an article about a man who wanted to be an astronaut. He had to wait for more than 20 years to make his dreams come true. And sometimes that happens. Sometimes you can't put a date on when your dreams are going to be reality. Might be the next few years, months, or even a matter of minutes. I mean, who knows right, by the time I'm a Harvard graduate, I might be a mother of two... That is if I ever got married.

Let go of the past and go for the future. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined.

- Henry David Thoreau

keep the faith

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Came to My Surprise (?)

Song on Play: Sleeping to Dream (Live Version)- Jason Mraz:')

Come on and hurt me. I expect it, I expect you to. I embrace it.

Come on and leave me. I know you will.
Come and leave me broken. Show me I've been right all along.
I've expected the hurt, I know I'll feel it in the nick of time.
None of it is real, none of this is real.
You're out of the pattern. The pattern which has been happening all my life. The part where I meet a guy, he said "Hi," shook my hand and thought, "I'm gonna screw you over."
The part where I trust him, give him a portion of my heart, just to see it all fall apart.
The pattern that has been going on and on and on...
I'm just going to keep on pushing you away, can't you see?
So, what's the use in trying?
The pain. That's the thing that has kept me going.
Feed my pain, prove me right once and for all.
Let's just cut to the chase, do me a favor, will you? Just hurt me already.
Don't take your time, just show me that I was right all along.
Come and let me down, but let me down slowly.
Make me suffer, have me suffocating, let me regret ever being in your arms.

Kill my feelings, but kill my feelings softly.
Let me die on the inside, little by little.
Come have me gasping for air.
Come and surprise me, even after the hundredth time, it's still a surprise to me every single time.

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Current song on play: Chasing Pavements- Gabe Bondoc (Cover)

Hello. Been a while since my last post. My last-- fun post, that is. Been randomly posting deep, dark and a little bit of gloomy kind of posts. So here's a change to what I usually post on my blog, here's a less depressing one! Promise.

Before I get there, I'm just going straight to the next song.
Last Night When We Were Young- Tony Bennett. Ah, told ya this is going to be a fun post.

This trip was anything but well-planned, but it is probably what made it memorable. My uncle who came from Australia took the big family (And big I meant 8 out of the 13 kids! Excluding the spouse and kids, imagine how ginormous my family is, and that is just from my Mom's side!) to Puncak, can't remember when was the last family trip to Puncak, it used to be a regular thing, but we somehow lost the family routine because of each of their busy schedule and all. So, first off! To the villa. I came to my cousin's house and went to Puncak from her house, with three of my other aunties, so adding to my mom's ability to talk all the way to Puncak nonstop, that makes it 4 talkative mothers in one car. How can I deal with that kind of journey, I shall never know. I was just enjoying the view while talking to my brother and two cousins, munching on all the chips and tell random stories, which reminds me that we finished almost half the stock of snacks on our way to Puncak, that only concludes that this trip is all about food, food, and more food.

Titin and I, with our twin oversized top!

Hanging out on the balcony for some fresh air:)
(...still look like I can need some sleep, I know...)

Just outside the villa

After meeting up with my other uncles and aunts who have spent the night at the villa for the night, we went out for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants growing up, Ikan Bakar Cianjur. Ah! I can picture the whole playground I used to play in, feeding the fish after I ate the delicious food, and just sitting there enjoying the weather.

Well, the swing used to fit the both of us...
(This is such a happy place! My face says it all...)
Some people can never grow up!
Me and Mom
Yes, Mom can be quite the clown...

Race you to the top! (Winner proves that he/she is a monkey!)

After going back to the villa, we chill for a while and then take an afternoon walk around Kota Bunga. On our way back from the restaurant, it rained a little bit, so it was the perfect weather for an afternoon stroll. The smell of the rain, the gentle breeze of the wind, just perfect.

Strolling around Kota Bunga
This... Is... AWESOME:)

About to take a bath and go out again!

The whole family brought different kinds of food from Jakarta for dinner, my uncle who was from Padang brought rendang, my aunt brought teri kacang, every yummy traditional Indonesian food you can ever imagine were there. Apparently, this trip is not just about the ongoing chit-chats about childhood, career and work, it was also about more and more food! So we went out for some evening snack.

We finally set our minds on having some durian for our evening dessert, thought about other options like corn or anything warm to end the night, but I guess my family just can't get enough of this spiky, smell-piercing fruit.

Titin just can't get her eyes off of Sekoteng!
Food, food, MORE FOOD!

We went back home to the villa and the one thing that I'll always remember after dividing all the 6 rooms for us to sleep in, we just decided to take all the spring beds out and sleep in the living room without any reason that follows, we just wanted to sleep altogether just because.

Looks more like an evacuation center!

The next morning we walked to the small food court outside the villa, for some porridge, noodle and other classic breakfast meals. Prepared our things for the trip back to Jakarta and we were on the go! On our way back, we stopped by Green Apple for some sightseeing.

On our way for breakfast. We're trying to make the new version of the Beatles cover.
Isn't this picture just... Epic?
The Wishing Well in Green Apple. Looks like the well from Snow White!
(Someday My Prince Will Come playing on background:p)
Making my wish... That (I later found out) didn't came true... *sigh*
Goofing off near the pond that had boats to ride
I remembered imagining an alligator jumped over and ate me alive.
Too much movies with huge lizards involved.

Had our lunch at Rindu Alam and I ordered its specialty, Fried Rice! The cute thing is that my egg was heart-shaped. There was some nice villas just around Rindu Alam, so while waiting for the food to be served, I took a walk around.

My brother being such a sweetheart.
First dandelion! Didn't know you were suppose to make a wish before blowing the petals
My family can be such clowns!
The heart-shaped egg :3

Just when you think all the eating is coming to an end, think again. Before heading to Jakarta, my uncles and aunts just can't seem to say goodbye just yet, so they decided to head down to Cimory for some afternoon tea and coffee! I ordered the famous and freshly-squeezed-straight-from-the-cow chocolate milk with a little bit of grilled banana with chocolate and cheese. Got me hungry just reminiscing about it. The view was amazing, and there's this band that was singing to Buble's song Everything, and offered the crowd to sing if they want to, enthusiastically I volunteered and drag my brother along! I presented the song for my uncle who came all the way from the Land Down Under and put up this fun little family reunion. After we finished, the band wanted me and my brother to sing another song and I was up for it, but my brother wasn't, so that was the end of our little performance. After that, everyone went their separate ways with wide grins on their faces.

Having my afternoon milk:)
Uncle Ed feeding me more and more food, admitting I have lost a lot of weight...
Oversized tee gives you such illusion!:p
Can't stop moving!:p
Playing acoustic and unrehearsed, Jason did awesome!
Wanted to sing more, but as you can see, Jason was so ready to leave...

It was the perfect way to end the trip. Overall, it was just the quick vacation that I needed. Didn't want to even think about the weight I gain in 2 days, it was all worth it though. I hope there will be much more of this in the future. Well that is all from me, folks! I'll be keeping you updated;)

keep the faith

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We're caught up in a huge dilemma when it comes to change, whether we should like it or whether we should be little Miss or Mister Grumpy about it. The weird thing is, we want everything to change yet it's the change itself that we're afraid of.

"The only thing that will not change is change itself." Some change may not be how we expect it to be, but hey, isn't life itself a big surprise? I mean, looking back now, I realized that everything has changed. I remember someone once told me, "Isn't it funny how you feel like nothing's changed, but when you look back, nothing's the same?" The people who left, who came, who were always there, they are all part of the changes in your lives, even the smallest ones. Even if you live a standard, boring, everything-is-in-the-agenda routine, nothing's exactly the same.

The changes that took a huge role in my life scared me to dream, but I realized that the dreams in me have never really left. It's these small changes that actually brought me closer to them. And I think the only thing you should never lose grip of is your dreams. Those are the things that keep you going. But no matter how scared you are about your future, sometimes it's the only thing u need. Change.

Keep the faith

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iLike ♥

"Tuesday, 5th April 2011.
I got less than 5 hours until I see you in the afternoon & I can’t help but write all these things I like about you:
I like the fact that you’re quirky in a special way
I like the fact that you never give a darn on what other people think
I like the fact that you’re your own person
I like the fact that you’re a proud family-oriented man
I like the fact that you secretly let me win arguments in an adorable way
I like the fact that you think I’m your female clone of you
I like the fact that you can’t go a day without saying “I miss you”
I like the fact that we get along so very well
I like the fact that you’d still laugh at my random jokes
I like the fact that I can be the most unlovable person and you’d still make me feel loved
I like the fact how you have faith in me, in us
I like the fact that you give me more inspirations to write about
I like the fact that these are all based about facts about you
I like the fact that you make me like myself when I’m with you
I like the fact that I don’t even have to pretend
I like the fact that I didn’t immediately fall for you, although you’re impossible to not fall for
I like the fact that you open up about everything
I like the fact that you smell so good
I like the fact that we’d be in the forest & I’d still have the best day of my life
I like the fact that you like what I like
I like the fact that we have differences & we manage to put it aside"

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Can I Take Your Order?

I know we're just entering the forth month of the year yet I've learned so much throughout 2011. You can't just get away from what you're suppose to encounter in the days of your lives, no matter how much you want to runaway sometimes. Whether it's pain or joy, or the joy that caused you pain, I realized that you just have to experience it sooner or later. You just have to trust in the being that everything is going to be A-Okay.

Trust. I know you know that not everyone easily trust others, you may not be an exception either. Especially when they experienced trust-related issues like backstabbing, betrayal or cheated on. So is it possible to get your trust back?

To me, trust is a once in a lifetime bid. Once you lost it, it's gone forever. But I learned that by time you might be able to learn how to trust again, although you can still feel the deceptiveness thickly haunting you. Do you realize that every issue, like backstabbing, betrayal or cheating, have something to do with feeling insecure, the feeling of not good enough? You backstab someone, your friend perhaps, because you feel insecure of yourself. You betray or cheat on your partner, friend or lover, because you feel like they're not good enough for you, the wanting of something more.

Well, in that case, aren't you just going to find someone better, sooner or later? Isn't that an obvious and predictable green light that it's fine to look for "other options" because you won't be just sticking with one person until your life ends?

I saw a quote that caught my eye, and at the same time, it made me think twice. "I don't like to discuss my marriage, but I will tell you something which may sound corny, but which happens to be true; I have steak at home. Why should I go out for hamburger?" I know it's referring to marriage, but I guess it's applicable to any of your relationship too, well unless you're a skeptic when it comes to relationships (like myself, but hey, I've been longing to change, and I guess now's about time).

So I guess when it comes to outer appearances, level of intellectuality, God-given abilities or skills, someone out there is going to be better, but someone better might not be best for you. People may say the obvious comments when you're out with someone, like saying that you look great with someone, but it's not about looking great with someone, it's about feeling great with someone, and that someone makes you feel things you've never felt before, but those are the good kind of feelings that you get. And when you found someone best for you, everybody else seems almost like they fall a bar lower, so to cheat or betray your partner is unnecessary.

I learn from a bunch of stories that relationships are about self-renewal. It's about moving towards a better you, and as I said in the few posts before, being with the right person makes you a better person, they drive you to a much more affirmative direction.

I guess once you found your steak, you won't be needing your hamburger anymore. But once someone trades their steak for a hamburger, it really is their loss and time will only tell when they'll regret the decision that they've made. I mean, why eat junk food when you're spoiled with gourmet all day every day, right? So, in that case, go find your steak, you carnivores!

keep the faith

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Every girl needs a man...
• You know, the kind that’ll treat you right.
• The kind that has enough respect for you & is willing to change, just to be with you.
• The kind that searches for you with all his heart & that can be trusted in a room full of beautiful girls.
• Every girl needs a man who won’t cheat on her because he knows she’s got all that he wants & needs already.
• He won’t mind calling you early in the morning just to say good morning or late at night to say good night; maybe even sing you a good morning song & tell you a bedtime story or talk to you until you fall asleep.
• This guy will be the kind that’ll do anything for you, even if it’s to just go to the store & buy you your favorite kind of candy.
• He would defend & fight for you & wouldn’t bail on you for his friends when you need him most.
• The kind that won’t leave you lonely & wondering; the one that calls you surprisingly, even if he’s out with his friend, to just tell you that he loves & misses you a lot.
• The kind that isn’t afraid to smile to his friends every time you’re around & tell them, “She’s the one”.
• The kind that appreciates you for the things you do for him, even if they’re little.
• The ones that actually thank you for the little love notes you leave him, waits for you when you’re falling behind, & opens doors for you.
• Every girl needs a man who will take you out on dates once in awhile & buys you flowers just because it’s a Wednesday.
• The kind of guy that notices your hair when you just got it cut or done beautifully for him.
• He would remind you that he loves you & that he’s happy to be with you, just in case you forget.
• The kind that just doesn’t want kisses & hugs, but to actually be loved & to love.
• You deserve a guy that will call you beautiful instead of hot, who kisses your forehead when you’re down, tells you to be strong & to not cry, & when you do cry, he’d cry with you when times are hard.
• The kind that will go through thick & thin with & for you.
• The kind that just loves you for who you are & not for who you aren’t and loves you because you’re his favorite girl in the whole wide world.


keep the faith

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Escaping for an Escapade

I changed my blog for no particular reasons. It started with me wanting to change the background of my blog, then it turned the way I didn't want it to, and a little too late to fix everything, so I figure I should just change the whole concept. The web address, the template, the title of my blog. The damsel never really left, she's still here, it's just that she has long for a change, and this is one of her ways of showing that her life is slowly and surely changing.

Escaping | Escape|iˈskāp|
verb [ intrans. ]
break free from confinement or control :
• succeed in avoiding or eluding something dangerous, unpleasant, or undesirable.

Escapade |ˈeskəˌpād |
an act or incident involving excitement, daring, or adventure.

the faith is still here,
a strong desire of doing something worthy.

keep the faith

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