Came to My Surprise (?)

Song on Play: Sleeping to Dream (Live Version)- Jason Mraz:')

Come on and hurt me. I expect it, I expect you to. I embrace it.

Come on and leave me. I know you will.
Come and leave me broken. Show me I've been right all along.
I've expected the hurt, I know I'll feel it in the nick of time.
None of it is real, none of this is real.
You're out of the pattern. The pattern which has been happening all my life. The part where I meet a guy, he said "Hi," shook my hand and thought, "I'm gonna screw you over."
The part where I trust him, give him a portion of my heart, just to see it all fall apart.
The pattern that has been going on and on and on...
I'm just going to keep on pushing you away, can't you see?
So, what's the use in trying?
The pain. That's the thing that has kept me going.
Feed my pain, prove me right once and for all.
Let's just cut to the chase, do me a favor, will you? Just hurt me already.
Don't take your time, just show me that I was right all along.
Come and let me down, but let me down slowly.
Make me suffer, have me suffocating, let me regret ever being in your arms.

Kill my feelings, but kill my feelings softly.
Let me die on the inside, little by little.
Come have me gasping for air.
Come and surprise me, even after the hundredth time, it's still a surprise to me every single time.

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