Can I Take Your Order?

I know we're just entering the forth month of the year yet I've learned so much throughout 2011. You can't just get away from what you're suppose to encounter in the days of your lives, no matter how much you want to runaway sometimes. Whether it's pain or joy, or the joy that caused you pain, I realized that you just have to experience it sooner or later. You just have to trust in the being that everything is going to be A-Okay.

Trust. I know you know that not everyone easily trust others, you may not be an exception either. Especially when they experienced trust-related issues like backstabbing, betrayal or cheated on. So is it possible to get your trust back?

To me, trust is a once in a lifetime bid. Once you lost it, it's gone forever. But I learned that by time you might be able to learn how to trust again, although you can still feel the deceptiveness thickly haunting you. Do you realize that every issue, like backstabbing, betrayal or cheating, have something to do with feeling insecure, the feeling of not good enough? You backstab someone, your friend perhaps, because you feel insecure of yourself. You betray or cheat on your partner, friend or lover, because you feel like they're not good enough for you, the wanting of something more.

Well, in that case, aren't you just going to find someone better, sooner or later? Isn't that an obvious and predictable green light that it's fine to look for "other options" because you won't be just sticking with one person until your life ends?

I saw a quote that caught my eye, and at the same time, it made me think twice. "I don't like to discuss my marriage, but I will tell you something which may sound corny, but which happens to be true; I have steak at home. Why should I go out for hamburger?" I know it's referring to marriage, but I guess it's applicable to any of your relationship too, well unless you're a skeptic when it comes to relationships (like myself, but hey, I've been longing to change, and I guess now's about time).

So I guess when it comes to outer appearances, level of intellectuality, God-given abilities or skills, someone out there is going to be better, but someone better might not be best for you. People may say the obvious comments when you're out with someone, like saying that you look great with someone, but it's not about looking great with someone, it's about feeling great with someone, and that someone makes you feel things you've never felt before, but those are the good kind of feelings that you get. And when you found someone best for you, everybody else seems almost like they fall a bar lower, so to cheat or betray your partner is unnecessary.

I learn from a bunch of stories that relationships are about self-renewal. It's about moving towards a better you, and as I said in the few posts before, being with the right person makes you a better person, they drive you to a much more affirmative direction.

I guess once you found your steak, you won't be needing your hamburger anymore. But once someone trades their steak for a hamburger, it really is their loss and time will only tell when they'll regret the decision that they've made. I mean, why eat junk food when you're spoiled with gourmet all day every day, right? So, in that case, go find your steak, you carnivores!

keep the faith

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