We're caught up in a huge dilemma when it comes to change, whether we should like it or whether we should be little Miss or Mister Grumpy about it. The weird thing is, we want everything to change yet it's the change itself that we're afraid of.

"The only thing that will not change is change itself." Some change may not be how we expect it to be, but hey, isn't life itself a big surprise? I mean, looking back now, I realized that everything has changed. I remember someone once told me, "Isn't it funny how you feel like nothing's changed, but when you look back, nothing's the same?" The people who left, who came, who were always there, they are all part of the changes in your lives, even the smallest ones. Even if you live a standard, boring, everything-is-in-the-agenda routine, nothing's exactly the same.

The changes that took a huge role in my life scared me to dream, but I realized that the dreams in me have never really left. It's these small changes that actually brought me closer to them. And I think the only thing you should never lose grip of is your dreams. Those are the things that keep you going. But no matter how scared you are about your future, sometimes it's the only thing u need. Change.

Keep the faith

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