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"There's no need to rush, it's like learning to fly... Or falling in love,
It's gonna happen when it's suppose to happen and we'll find the reasons why...
One step at a time."

Tuesday, 5th of April 2011

At approximately 5 p.m in the afternoon, Narendra picked me up at the usual meet-up point. While introducing me to his younger brother, who happens to be taller than Narendra is, they both left me questioning on where we're about to go later that evening, because being the annoying little monkey that Narendra is, he just happens to love making me curious, but little did I know, I was in for an amazing surprise that night.

So I thought it was just another random Tuesday night as Narendra and I used to spend in our spare time, I was guessing we were up for a movie or some dinner that night, and when we arrived at Plaza Senayan, we walked to a fried rice vendor just outside 711, and there was when I receive the jaw-dropping news. Narendra got me a ticket to Bruno Mars' concert and all he did was, after giving me little zaps of heart attack, smiling wide knowing that he succeeded on surprising me. (Darn you, MoJo!) I was mad at first, because I clearly didn't ask for it and I just think it's rather an extravagant spend to watch concerts, but I cooled off a bit after listening to his explanation. The weird thing is, Narendra didn't even plan on going to the concert in the first place, but one of his cousins canceled last minute and gave the ticket to him. Being the generous and thoughtful gentleman that he is (This is an unpaid promotion, I swear!), he wanted to ask me to go to the concert with him and he would only buy the ticket if he found the same ticket details as his, such as the gate number and the place where we can be seated. Narendra just randomly search from his friends who want to sell a ticket and long story short, he surprisingly found a ticket that had the same details as his, which I still think to this day was quite unreal. Well because, firstly, it was last minute, Narendra only had less than a day to find a ticket for me when it was sold out. And second, he got a ticket that had the same seating arrangement as his, the one that he got from his cousin.

The surprise!
...he was my biggest surprise actually

So after we had a little taste of Jakarta's wide varieties of street food, we walked to the concert venue by foot while having random conversations, Narendra accidentally bumped into one of his friend and continued our walk together to Istora. So we took a couple of pictures with Bruno, in cut-out shapes, that is... And to my surprise, one of the journalist of TEEN Magazine walked up to me and ask if she can do an interview and take a picture to feature in the magazine. Being the confident young Radio Announcer that Narendra is, he kindly received the offer and was interviewed with a couple of questions. (FYI, the issue is out, so grab it while it's hot!)

This if my furious face because of not telling...

From outside of Istora, I can hear noises from inside the stadium, so Narendra, Nabil and I rushed inside just to find out that it was a false alarm and that we didn't miss anything because the show hasn't started yet. Well to me the opening is the setting bar that is going to weigh whether the show is going to amazing or just okay, so we definitely don't want to miss out on that. Nabil had a different seating arrangement, so it was just the two of us, and it wasn't long after we have arrived to our seats that the lights began to went off and the show was about to go on.

Sound. I thought I heard some sound from the stage. Drums! Someone is beating the drums and I swear he looks like Bruno. IT IS! I didn't fully acknowledge that "I'm going to see Bruno Mars" until I got into the stadium at first, sat down, saw everyone so pumped up about the concert, screamed a little bit (Well actually, a little bit turned out to be a little too loud) and thought "Goodness gracious, I'm going to see Bruno Mars!" The show had a great start and I knew it will could only get better from there. He sang the hits that I've been longing to hear like Nothing on You, The Lazy Song, Grenade, Marry You, Count on Me, and I was introduced to a new and highly seducing song, Our First Time. Everyone sang along and Bruno definitely knew how to entertain the crowd. He played guitar, danced around and hit all the right notes. 90 minutes felt like 10 and the show ended way too soon. We took a couple pictures to end the night and left the stadium with smiles on our faces.

Ready for Bruno!
Look at everyone behind us! Waving their hands and packed with audience

We walked back to Plaza Senayan where Narendra parked his car, talked about the show and Nabil went straight to Dreamland. Narendra stopped at 711 to buy Lemon Water before driving all the way home. I still can't thank him enough 'til this second... Again, he got me with one of his insane surprises. Beautifully insane surprises.

keep the faith

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