Strange Saturday

Spending it alone or having to go to work on this worldwide-and-public-Holiday (read: Weekend, precisely speaking-- Saturday) doesn't make you lifeless or means that your weekend has gone to waste, it's quite the contrary, it means your life has a little more color, because yours is not exactly like everybody else's. Oh, who am I kidding, Saturday is so boring that I mixed it up with weekdays sometimes, I don't really know the difference anymore. I'm not going to lie, it's actually a pretty rough week for me, it's the forth month of the year and my energy is draining quite drastically, not sure if it is the way I want to end the month. And of course, you're here to read all the not-so important blogs that I post about (Speaking confidently as if any of my blogs shows any signs of importance), not whining about why I'm having a hard time. So, here are just a few things I want to point about in this post:

1. New movies that are supposedly out by now in the theaters haven't came out yet! Could all those rumors of new Hollywood not being able to enter Indonesia be true after all? Oh, no! Say it isn't so!

2. Is it me or are there just way too many singer/bands coming to Indonesia this year? If there is anything else draining quite drastically, it should be the size of the wallets of all the teenagers trying to get access to the concerts! And while you're browsing through the net for who's performing where or booking the tickets for the next shows, come see my Bruno Mars post on my previous blog:)

3. The Royal Wedding. Must be living in a cave for missing out on this huge event. Brings me back to the days where Prince Charles got married to Lady Diana, it was just as lavish and everyone was also as excited as they were with the previous Royal Wedding. We just love to believe in fairytales, don't we? I knew that there's always a-little-girl-who-has-Disney-storybooks-as-her-Bible side to everyone of us:')

4. It's almost the holidays for those of you in school or campus having all those exams and finals, hang on just a little bit! Freedom is so close, you can already smell it!

5. Do you realize that we're a month away before entering the last half of 2011?! I hate it when time flies that we barely realized any of the time being wasted, then again, you know what they all say, time flies when you're having fun;)

keep the faith

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