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Hello. Been a while since my last post. My last-- fun post, that is. Been randomly posting deep, dark and a little bit of gloomy kind of posts. So here's a change to what I usually post on my blog, here's a less depressing one! Promise.

Before I get there, I'm just going straight to the next song.
Last Night When We Were Young- Tony Bennett. Ah, told ya this is going to be a fun post.

This trip was anything but well-planned, but it is probably what made it memorable. My uncle who came from Australia took the big family (And big I meant 8 out of the 13 kids! Excluding the spouse and kids, imagine how ginormous my family is, and that is just from my Mom's side!) to Puncak, can't remember when was the last family trip to Puncak, it used to be a regular thing, but we somehow lost the family routine because of each of their busy schedule and all. So, first off! To the villa. I came to my cousin's house and went to Puncak from her house, with three of my other aunties, so adding to my mom's ability to talk all the way to Puncak nonstop, that makes it 4 talkative mothers in one car. How can I deal with that kind of journey, I shall never know. I was just enjoying the view while talking to my brother and two cousins, munching on all the chips and tell random stories, which reminds me that we finished almost half the stock of snacks on our way to Puncak, that only concludes that this trip is all about food, food, and more food.

Titin and I, with our twin oversized top!

Hanging out on the balcony for some fresh air:)
(...still look like I can need some sleep, I know...)

Just outside the villa

After meeting up with my other uncles and aunts who have spent the night at the villa for the night, we went out for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants growing up, Ikan Bakar Cianjur. Ah! I can picture the whole playground I used to play in, feeding the fish after I ate the delicious food, and just sitting there enjoying the weather.

Well, the swing used to fit the both of us...
(This is such a happy place! My face says it all...)
Some people can never grow up!
Me and Mom
Yes, Mom can be quite the clown...

Race you to the top! (Winner proves that he/she is a monkey!)

After going back to the villa, we chill for a while and then take an afternoon walk around Kota Bunga. On our way back from the restaurant, it rained a little bit, so it was the perfect weather for an afternoon stroll. The smell of the rain, the gentle breeze of the wind, just perfect.

Strolling around Kota Bunga
This... Is... AWESOME:)

About to take a bath and go out again!

The whole family brought different kinds of food from Jakarta for dinner, my uncle who was from Padang brought rendang, my aunt brought teri kacang, every yummy traditional Indonesian food you can ever imagine were there. Apparently, this trip is not just about the ongoing chit-chats about childhood, career and work, it was also about more and more food! So we went out for some evening snack.

We finally set our minds on having some durian for our evening dessert, thought about other options like corn or anything warm to end the night, but I guess my family just can't get enough of this spiky, smell-piercing fruit.

Titin just can't get her eyes off of Sekoteng!
Food, food, MORE FOOD!

We went back home to the villa and the one thing that I'll always remember after dividing all the 6 rooms for us to sleep in, we just decided to take all the spring beds out and sleep in the living room without any reason that follows, we just wanted to sleep altogether just because.

Looks more like an evacuation center!

The next morning we walked to the small food court outside the villa, for some porridge, noodle and other classic breakfast meals. Prepared our things for the trip back to Jakarta and we were on the go! On our way back, we stopped by Green Apple for some sightseeing.

On our way for breakfast. We're trying to make the new version of the Beatles cover.
Isn't this picture just... Epic?
The Wishing Well in Green Apple. Looks like the well from Snow White!
(Someday My Prince Will Come playing on background:p)
Making my wish... That (I later found out) didn't came true... *sigh*
Goofing off near the pond that had boats to ride
I remembered imagining an alligator jumped over and ate me alive.
Too much movies with huge lizards involved.

Had our lunch at Rindu Alam and I ordered its specialty, Fried Rice! The cute thing is that my egg was heart-shaped. There was some nice villas just around Rindu Alam, so while waiting for the food to be served, I took a walk around.

My brother being such a sweetheart.
First dandelion! Didn't know you were suppose to make a wish before blowing the petals
My family can be such clowns!
The heart-shaped egg :3

Just when you think all the eating is coming to an end, think again. Before heading to Jakarta, my uncles and aunts just can't seem to say goodbye just yet, so they decided to head down to Cimory for some afternoon tea and coffee! I ordered the famous and freshly-squeezed-straight-from-the-cow chocolate milk with a little bit of grilled banana with chocolate and cheese. Got me hungry just reminiscing about it. The view was amazing, and there's this band that was singing to Buble's song Everything, and offered the crowd to sing if they want to, enthusiastically I volunteered and drag my brother along! I presented the song for my uncle who came all the way from the Land Down Under and put up this fun little family reunion. After we finished, the band wanted me and my brother to sing another song and I was up for it, but my brother wasn't, so that was the end of our little performance. After that, everyone went their separate ways with wide grins on their faces.

Having my afternoon milk:)
Uncle Ed feeding me more and more food, admitting I have lost a lot of weight...
Oversized tee gives you such illusion!:p
Can't stop moving!:p
Playing acoustic and unrehearsed, Jason did awesome!
Wanted to sing more, but as you can see, Jason was so ready to leave...

It was the perfect way to end the trip. Overall, it was just the quick vacation that I needed. Didn't want to even think about the weight I gain in 2 days, it was all worth it though. I hope there will be much more of this in the future. Well that is all from me, folks! I'll be keeping you updated;)

keep the faith

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