Make Every Second Counts

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First of all, praise the Lord for the return of the good ol' Hollywood movies. Well, not that the ongoing list of movies that I want to watch is now completely out in the theaters, but a few (okay, a couple...) have came out. Like Limitless and Source Code. I just had the chance to see Source Code a few hours ago, and although it was a movie that was a little out-of-the-box, so to speak, it was definitely not a disappointment. And Jake Gyllenhaal *squeals* is definitely an eye-candy and Michelle Monaghan was the perfect co-star for this movie, so flawless, and that blue top that she wore, couldn't be more perfect.

So, the movie reminds me a lot of Denzel's ever-so-famous De Javu, how you go back in time and space to "undo an accident," and in this case, a bombing of a train. The movie kept on going back and forth and it makes you a little confused at times, but it's a good thing, since you can't really guess what will happen next, or moreover, how the movie will end. Since it's a sci-fi movie, it defies everything that you believe, so just play along while you watch the movie, you'll get it... Hopefully. (Not that I understood the movie a hundred percent, I try acting smart just so people think I get the movie nyehee)

Well the way I see it, Captain Colter, who was played by Jake Gyllenhaal, got caught up in Sean's body in a military simulative system, called the Source Code, something used by the government to "go back in time" and search for clues in the location of the accident. As I said before, if you don't quite get how it works, don't sweat about it, just play along.

Time after time, after being sent back to the past, Captain Colter slowly received the missing pieces of the puzzle. As he's doing so, he met a girl named Christina inside the train and started falling in love with her. The mission changed in a flash. He wasn't just trying to find out where the bomb was placed, or who was the person who set up the whole scheme, but he also wanted to save Christina's life. Well, in the present, Christina, of course, has died in the bombing of the train that they were on, but Captain Colter managed to stop the whole bombing scene in the past and so they created this "whole new world" in the Source Code.

Don't really get the picture? No worries, you're not the only one. The highlight of the movie is that they only had 8 minutes before the bombing take place, how are you going to make the last moments of your life count? Captain Colter, who knew that he has less than 5 minutes to live, called his Dad to apologize because of the argument he had when they last met. What moved me was when his Dad said that he love his son-- always has, even though he has never straightforwardly shown it to him.

Although, to me, Vantage Point wins in the "keeps-you-guessing" perspective, the moral of Source Code definitely hits a homerun. I love how Colter kept saying "Everything's gonna be okay" when he consciously know that he will be dying in a matter of minutes. Tell the people you love that you can't live a day without them, show it to them before it's too late. Trying to make every second counts... Just live like you're dying.

Colter: Do you believe in fate?
Christina: Not really. I'm more of a dumb luck kind of gal. So, what do you wanna do today?
Colter: I think we should stay here for awhile. This feels like exactly where we're supposed to be, doesn't it?

make each moment counts,
keep the faith

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