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I'm not even going to try to make a catchy headline, I want to make this one just as effortless yet memorable as it was in real life. The concert was held on a Wednesday, and the Sunday before the concert, Rizky actually blew the surprise for me! (Thank you, Iky! Hugs.) He asked Narendra, in front of me while I was accompanying him at band practice, if he was going to take me to the Maroon 5's concert. Being the honest and truthful man that Narendra is, he paused and stare at me for a while, not knowing how I would react, before actually saying that he is. And... Well... I was... Furious.

Well, because I told him, no more surprise concerts. He did three, including this one, in April alone. Bruno, Disney on Ice, and Maroon 5. I just think that's too much, I just feel like he's splurging way too much on tickets, but strangely (and thoughtfully) he always tells me, "Sometimes you mustn't think about the money, knowing how much it will make you happy." I mean, come on, you should have seen his face... How can you say no to an adorable puppy facial expression like his?

Recent song on play: For You I Will (Confidence)- Teddy Geiger

I had to work from early in the morning on the day the concert was held, and so he picked me up, met up at Aksara PI (I love that place!) to go to Istora with him, I remember he looked like he lost a few pounds and turns out he just finished his 3-days-without-carb-detox. But I contribute in him failing on his last day because he couldn't resist Beard Papa and Quickly! Yes, those are his Kryptonite.

We arrived at fX to look for parking spots, fX is just across Istora so we decided to get into the concert arena by foot. We were just talking about what if we would meet the people that we know at the concert and just before we could even look around, Sadie, a friend of Narendra from Mustang, was just outside and called us to join the crowd. She was with a few of her friends and we decided to go inside together, but we somehow got separated when Narendra and I wanted to take pictures with the cut-out cardboards!

We were kind of early for the concert and so after we pick our seats, we took a few pictures, before I realized I've done something stupid... That I've lost the entrance ticket. I mean, I know it's not a big deal and that it's only a piece of paper, but it's because of what the piece of paper was for and the memory that it contained that made my heart skip a beat when I realize that it wasn't in my pocket. I was trying to stay calm when I told Narendra that I may or may not have lost the ticket, but he knew the clumsy person that I was, so he smiled and help me find under the bench, look around the floor, and so I asked him to hold my bag before going outside to look for the ticket just to come back in and see him holding the ticket in his hand, telling me that I've kept it in my bag all along.

Recent song on play: If It Kills Me (The Casa Nova Sessions)- Jason Mraz

Turns out we met Sadie again inside just before the concert began, we sat next to each other and played a little game to stir up the night. Sadie, Narendra and I bet on what song that the band will play as the opening of the concert, so can you guess who got it right? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, none other than Narendra, who thought alike as the front-man of the band, Adam Levine, was also wearing the same outfit which was a plain white T-Shirt, denim and sneakers. The winning answer, Misery, kick-start the night. Everyone was so pumped and sang along, it was nuts! I heard the hysterical scream coming from all directions as Adam greeted, "Apa kabar, Jakarta?!"

He continued indulging our hearing senses as he sang "If I Never See Your Face Again" and "Harder to Breathe." He occasionally shouted that it was the best crowd he has ever performed for, I don't know if it was just trying to win his fan's hearts or if he truly meant it, but I do feel like the whole audience was like a big church choir just like in the Sister Act movie, Levine even admitted that everyone was singing in tune and sang the songs amazingly. Everyone screamed even louder as he said, "Aku cinta kamu," before dedicating his next song to all the ladies, "She Will Be Loved." (Oh, Adam... You know just how to allure the ladies, don't you?) Best performance of the night was the song that I've been looking forward to watch them perform live... Yes, what other song could it be but "This Love." He performed other of his hit singles, "Makes Me Wonder" and "Wake Up Call."

The band ended the performance and go back on stage for another 3 additional songs, including "Sunday Morning" to end the night. We screamed, sang and dance all night long, James Valentine slain the crowd with his performance, so did Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden and Matt Flynn. But of course, Adam Levine stole the show. If I could read everyone's minds I'm pretty sure all the ladies (Or even some of the men!) are undressing him in their minds. It was a show worth watching, and as we went outside, I can see all the smiles on everybody's faces, which pretty much describe that nobody came out of the concert disappointed. The concert felt too soon to end, but I guess time flies when you're having fun.

Narendra has to air on NTL (Never Too Loud), so I accompanied him to Mustang to see him air for the first time... Was a fun experience, hopefully will not be my last. Met Bayu and disturbed Narendra as I watch him work, took dozens of pictures and chatted too much that I think I should be banned from the studio:p

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