Save a Stranger with a Smile

Have you ever had someone smiling at you and it tingles, almost like it warms your heart? A smile that comes from the heart can make a world difference, it's both healthy and heartwarming at the same time.

It's not like it's a big task for us to do, we don't have to wait for the right moment to do it. You can do it anywhere, you can give it to anyone. Most importantly, it's free, people! What do you have to lose, now, really... For instance, if a waiter in the mall offers you a menu while you're rushing to go somewhere, smile at him rather than just silently pass him by. An offer rejected with a smile is always better than an offer rejected with a frown.

You might think, "It's just a simple smile... What can a smile possibly do to anyone?" And let me tell you, my friend, it can do a lot. Once, there was man who felt depressed and have planned his own suicide. He felt like everything in his life was wrong, everyone didn't make his existence felt important. His days just couldn't get worse, and one day he woke up and thought to himself in the morning, I need some kind of sign that God exists, that somehow God still wants me alive, give me one simple reason to live.

On the other side of the town, there was a man who went out for dinner with his son. He made a reservation but somehow he didn't get a table. Disappointed, they left and go to a "less fancy" place just near the restaurant they planned to eat in the first place. The man went inside the restaurant, pass by the depressed man and did something that changed this man's life... He smiled. The man who's depressed had an enlightening at that very moment. One smile turned his terrible thought around. He finally came to his senses that taking his life means he will lose a shot of saving other people's lives. His life might not seem important at the moment, but he thought about just how many people are going through the same thing and if he could have done anything about it. Long story short, he finally recovered from his depression and became a counselor for people who had suicidal issue. On another beautiful chance, the guy met the man who smiled at him and thanked him for smiling at him the other day. He told him how he felt about it (in a less gay-ish manner, of course!), how that simple smile warm his heart and changed his life. This man who smiled was shocked and feel glad at the same time, but he's thankful that he didn't take his own life.

Someone out there might be having a bad day and maybe you don't have to do much. Even if you could, it might take a day, a week, or a year to do something about it. Maybe, just maybe, all you need to do is just one simple thing-- and that is to smile:)

keep the faith

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