What Separation Brings

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So I guess as each and everyone of you have known, people change, and sometimes, the sad part is that those changes lead to separations. You don't count how many people left you in your whole life journey, but rather how strong you became after they left nothing but footprints in your heart. My parents' separation was a big turning point in my life. I became less spoiled, less demanding and less depending. One thing I never missed was my childhood, I had a fun childhood, not a jolly and memorable early teen years, but definitely getting better as I grew older. Many people ask if I missed my Dad, but as quoted from one of the greatest movies I've seen by far in 2011, "You can't miss what you never had."

Though he was never present in my life and now that he has built another whole new family in a different city, one thing that I'm sure of is that he completely and utterly loves me. The thing with divorces that parents committed is that they are, indeed, the grown-ups; they're suppose to know what the consequences are and how it will effect their children in the future. So even though I didn't agree with their decision, I trusted what they've chosen for us all.

I am just grateful for having enough common sense to never run to either drugs or alcohol, I can just never be any more thankful that God has taken amazing care of me. I wasn't born in a highly privileged family, so to have just lived and make it this far, it proves that it doesn't make me lucky, that makes me blessed.

I don't think anyone's to blame for such situation, sometimes you go through things in life that you don't understand, it isn't a delightful process, you question why you have to deal with them when everyone's living happily inside their bubble, but it certainly will help you get further in life. It creates this kind of thicker skin, because trouble causes life to descend, and your natural survival skills will kick in.

Some people hesitate to ask me things or even avoid to bring up the topic, well maybe how people deal with it is different, but for me, I have no issues with discussing about it. People became sympathetic after hearing about everything, I am pretty much fine with what happened in my life. Thankful, I am very much thankful to be totally honest with you. I would never have met the people that I met now if it wasn't meant to be this way. I'm not saying that I am the strongest person in the Universe and that I dealt with the whole separation thing effortlessly. Of course I once thought life was unfair, that God created a pair of parents to be there for their kids, that I want every Christmas spent with both parents, not to divide my time between the two, but life taught me that it doesn't have to be complete to be perfect. You might never can change the past, but the good news is, the future is still in good hands. Yes, I'm positive that it is in good hands.

keep the faith

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