And That Makes One Out of the Bunch...

Recent Song on Play: Telling the World- Taio Cruz
"I'm telling the world that I've found a girl,
The one I can live for, the one who deserves,
To give all my heart, a reason to fly,
The one I can live for, a reason for life..."

Dessy, Maria, Nathalia, Me and Moniq

And it felt like it was just yesterday we were having our Junior Prom.

They've been dating since 08.08.2008, and the eight years difference didn't become a wall that separate these two hearts. Don't be fooled by her petite figure and adorably cute baby face. I admire her bold choice of taking the final step of relationships at an early age-- marriage.

I love how Monica mentioned how Thomas waited for her while she's at her class from 10 a.m to 6 p.m, how Thomas promised to honor, cherish and love his now-proclaimed wife (gasp!), and last but not least, how Monica's sister said "The very best of marriage are made by best of friends, who face together hand in hand through good and bad life scene... They make marriage like true friendship," isn't it beautiful?

Although I don't picture myself marrying anyone-- let alone getting married!-- but these things are the ones that make me think twice. The venue, the family gathering, the friends that witness their happy moment... It all seemed grand.

Confused by the topic of the post that I've been babbling about? I'm talking about a friend of mine, Monica-- Moniq, in short. She recently got married and her video inspired me to do this post. I personally don't think marriage should be defined by age, because maturity is not shown through a person's age, but by each individual's doings. Although she's the same age as I am, but by her status right now, she is probably way ahead of me in the readiness to settle down. I wish you nothing but the best. I wish you all the love in the world to sustain your marriage and find true friendship in each day to make it worthwhile. Here's a link of the wedding video they made on their wedding day, I kept playing it over and over because it was so beautiful. Prepare to be enchanted.

Monica and Thomas

To those who believe in true love,
To those who believe in making their own happily ever after's,
To those who's on their way to believing...

keep the faith

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