Bittersweet Beginnings

Recent Song on Play: The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore
"You pulled me under, if I had to give in,
Such a beautiful myth, that's breaking my skin.
Well I'll hide all the bruises, I'll hide all the damage that's done.
But I show how I'm feeling until all the feeling has gone."

Slow down, hold onto whatever you can. Remember the city lights, remember the smile, the laughs. The more you cherish things, the less you'll take it all for granted. Remember about taking things slowly? I guess if you love something so much, you'll do anything to keep it safe and sound. And if you rush into the good parts, we'll be left with all the bad ones. I'm a firm believer that what you have won't ever last, so I might as well don't eat rather than be the person who takes the last bite. I just don't see why we should get a good grip of something when it's like holding onto water, you're slowly and surely losing every bit of it. People change as easy as feelings change. When you take things too seriously, that's when you dig a hole, you're just getting deeper and deeper. Once you're in it, it'll be a whole lot of work to get out. With good things that came along, I learn that every bad ones that happen are just a way of us learning that life is never as it seems. So with everything else in life, take your time, don't get too carried away. Nothing that is instant last. Don't let your impulse be the bar that sets your decisions.

It's like shopping, sometimes we buy things that we don't really need. A good trick that I have learned from the past is that when you see something and it tempted you to use your money, wait and think about it for 24 hours. If you really need it, then the same desire to buy the item will be the same as it was yesterday, but in most cases, the desire always changes, because it was just your urge of having new things because it seems attractive or because of the word "SALE." Because most of the time, you think twice after you've bought the item and you'll be left with the thought of yourself saying, "I don't really need this, do I?"

The same thing goes with love. Sometimes you want people in your life because you want to claim them as yours, then again when it's yours, you feel like you don't really want it anymore. So before you jump into conclusions, wait for your brain to kick in, is this thing valuable enough for you to wait for? Your whole life, haven't you been waiting all this time? Waiting for your exam results, waiting for the letter saying whether you're going to be hired by a company or not, enrollment to a University, waiting for the bus or taxi, waiting for somebody to get out of the toilet! I think if you're waiting, you might just be in preparation for something good, and I mean, real good. Because in life I learned, everything worth having is worth waiting for.

keep the faith

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