Feeling a Little Black and White

Oh, you know I'm bored when I blog twice in a day. Being sick is the worst situation ever to be in, especially when you have the flu; you can't look down for too long without having mucus hanging out of your nose, your eyes get droopy and you're always sleepy all the time. Your nose gets red from all the tissue wiping, your voice gets hoarse and it bothers you when you just can't sneeze but you feel there's all this bacteria roaming all around your nose. The worst part is tasteless food, your appetite downgrades by a mile. I hate hate hate being ill. But I love doing nothing on my bed, listening to music that inspires me to do more blogs. I hate not thinking properly, losing balance at times when I stand, everything feels like they move in slow-mo. Blaaarh.

I'll be okay... I will. I probably need to sleep it through.

keep the faith

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