Happy 86th Birthday, Oma

Recent Song on Play: Semalam I Call You, You Tak Answer- Zee Avi

Okay, you might think I'm crazy for tearing up while listening to a funny song. But it's not about the song I'm mellow about. Today is the 21st of June; if my beloved Grandmother is still here, she would be having her 86th birthday. I always thought that my family members-- even though coming from a Dutch lineage-- is known for its patriotism based on their birthdays. My Grandma's birthday is a day short from Jakarta's Anniversary. My Mother, a day away from Indonesia's Independence Day.

My Grandma, well known for her warm and tasty cooking skills, doesn't talk much about her husband. She shared about how Mom has her little favorite yellow chair and won't let any of her siblings sit there. How everyone would have to fight over a mango because she could only afford one fruit for the family. How one of her daughters broke her arm while riding home on a becak (an old transportation in a form of bike-like carriage, with a person propelling it) from school. Everything sounds new to me.

I remember looking forward going to her house every Sunday after church to chow down some freshly cooked chicken wings marinated in sweet soy sauce, and watch some cartoons while having some chilled Coke. It was the one time I can get away with soda without having my parents yelling at me. I remembered playing upstairs, pretending my brother and I are in some kind of a movie, with our wildest imaginations in mind, had little knowledge about growing up, we only lived for the moment.

Speaking of my brother, I found out that he has a "writer" side to him too. I stalked his recently made blog, quite surprised by his posts. I want to quote from one of his writings, "We have every rights to love and be loved, because love is such an amazing thing, it could do what every man never thought of; climb every hills of insecurities and doubts, conquer mountains of hatred and deceits."

...I smell competition! Go follow him and show some love. Click here!

You're not here with me but it's a special day,
So happy you're reuniting with Opa again to celebrate your birthday,
As Heaven dances and sing along,
Having angels singing you The Birthday Song,
And to rejoice in the Lord forever,
'Til we meet again and live happily ever after,

In Memorial: Tilly Clifford van Breugel (21 June 1925-28 May 2010)

keep the faith

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