Identity Crisis (?)

I hate it when I say my name out loud after someone asked me to introduce myself, and right after that they immediately "think" I'm the other Nadya. You know, the one who is a gorgeous model, once a popular VJ, and now well-known for her green lifestyle. As flattering as being "compared" to that other flawless goddess sounds, no one-- in general-- likes to be compared. It's not the first or second or third, I've heard it numerous times that I'm kinda getting sick of it. I mean, living under someone else's shadow? Come on, I would definitely make my own mark in this world. Hopefully there will come a day when other Nadia/ya(s) in the next generations, and people would be all like... "Oh, you mean, Nadia like that... Nadia Juliana?" And I'd be up in heaven, sitting next to Mrs. Hutagalung, pointing at her, smiling and say, "Ha-Ha, in your face. People remember me better now rather than they remembered you back then..."

...then maybe do a little victory dance. Woot, woot.

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