Pleasure Beyond Measure

I like the squirts of ink splattered all around my fingers, but I hate it when the splashes get to my set of neat outfit, especially when I'm wearing a white T-shirt. The messier, I must say, the better. I like keeping it old school, writing on a piece of plain and empty paper, painting each words as an artist would mold its historical creations. I love it when my writings are not aligned and it gets even more untidy as it gets to the end. I hate it when my pen runs out of ink when I'm just about to get to the good part. I like reading what I write over and over and even love striking over the inappropriate words and write above it when I change my mind. I like how my writings look like a letter ready to be sent to a forbidden lover; it keeps so many secrets, yet it shows how you truly feel. I like the sudden additional words with an arrow pointing in between the words, thinking sometimes I miss a good adjective. Adjectives. Makes writing much more colorful. I love a good opening and closing. The moral of my writings are only as good as the beginning or ending. I hate it when I can't figure out the word that I'm meaning to write. I try hard finding a word that best describes what I'm trying to depict, and it's an unbelievable feeling when I finally get it right. I love my last and final review just before I publish it. Best part of writing though-- is when people get it.

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