Salad Day on Delay

Current mood: Stuffed. It almost seems like Mercedes pays me to store more fat in my body. Before I went to Sukabumi, they prepared a fish burger from Burger King, knowing the only meat that I prefer is fish rather than beef or chicken. As I arrived in Sukabumi, I prepared myself for the event of the evening, dinner with other Mercedes people from all over Asia, had the yummiest grilled shrimp, chocolate cakes, tried everything and I literally went all out... Nearly fainted from all the eating. Took pictures, danced a little, everyone smell like beer and wine, it was a pretty fun night.

Friday isn't suppose to be the day where I munch on every edible item in front of me, it's suppose to be the day where I eat salad and nothing else. Nothing consists of extra calories. But I guess this Friday is an exception. Now all I gotta do is resist this temptation of chewing this left-over chocolate cake in my room, not start to drink cans of Carlsberg, which is abundantly supplied in my hotel room, and try to blog myself to sleep. And... Off to bed I go! Working on a Saturday, fun times!

Keep the faith

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