Strength Behind the Power

It's been a year since my beloved Grandmother has passed. A year and a month, to be exact. She's a role model to me in so many ways, the way she stayed strong living all alone after Grandpa left because of the devastating cancer that was a huge shock to the family, he died in his early 30's (My Mom was only 5 when he left) and Grandma has to deal with such sudden loss. With 13 children, Grandma raised them herself and not a thought of getting married again passed her by. She kept her promise when she vowed that only death can bring them apart. She stayed faithful to my Grandpa until she took her last breath and was buried right on top of his grave. As a strong and independent woman, she taught her children well about religion, about love, and about life in general. Although she barely survived without a complete husband and father figure in this family, none of her kids starve themselves or live under a bridge, but they finished school and all are living happily with their newfound family members.

My Mom might have caught the "Living Solo" virus that Grandma accidentally spread after my Grandfather's death, knowing Mom has made it through all these years raising my brother and I all by herself. My Grandma has always been the stereotypical stay-at-home Mom; cooked all meals, pampered her husband, took care of the kids. My Mom had her date nights out with Dad, accompanied him out of town for business purposes, even spare time to plan mini holidays for the big family. Although my parents' divorce has nothing in common with my Grandpa's death, the separation was nothing less than painful.

Growing up-- reading about Lady Diana, watching Oprah Winfrey, analyzing Michelle Obama-- I learned that every man's success has something to do with the woman behind him; her support and her prayers. Of course it doesn't depend solely based on just the women's deeds, but also with the men's hard work. But it is true that every powerful man has an even stronger woman behind him. But tracking back to the past, I guess the women I learned from have absolutely no problem flying solo. So, do you think I can pull off a Mother Theresa?;)

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