The Sweetest Revenge

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"And I thought that I was strong, I knew it all along this was out of my control...
So I fell into your hands, and I don't know where we'll land, I'm just going with the flow..."

Many people-- after being left, hurt or betrayed-- plan this revenge schemes inside their brain, thinking of how they can get even. For instance, a girl was cheated by her boyfriend or she just recently broken up, she has million of miserable things running in her head on how to get even, like how she can get another man in her arms to make him more jealous, and all this hate just kept building up in her heart because she was hurt by her man. People said "Revenge is a dish best serve cold," so it's best to "punish" those who have harmed you in any ways you have never imagined immediately after they've left a scar in your heart.

Hate. Probably the root of all vengeance. And nothing cools a hot flaming fire like cold water. So, instead of hating so much, why don't we take the high road and turn it into love? Forgive; is the first option. But if it hurts you too much to let it go, if you think they don't deserve all this sweet loving, then love yourself more. Redirect all this energy of hating to taking care of yourself. Smile more, go to the gym, feel great about yourself. No revenge is as sweet as making those who hurt you to regret ever letting you down. Since they saw that you're better off without them, they'll think twice of why they even have the idea of hurting you in the first place. Shallow thoughts lead to regrets. It's not easy to be the bigger person, but sometimes it teaches you to be a better person. It goes to all those who hate you for whatever reasons too, when you wipe it off of your shoulders and just grow better and better every time, it will prove to them that you can stand tall above it all. Getting even doesn't make you a better person, it just shows that you're at the same level as them and that means you're not any better than they are. The higher a tree grows, the stronger the wind blows.

Truth is, human being has the natural skills to survive. I bet we have experienced some kind of bleeding in our entire lives. Literally and figuratively. Applies in Science too, see how the white blood cells work as our immune system and turn into pus, how it puts a stop to the overflowing blood? Or how we have dust in our eye and it automatically wets the eye to help it purify the contaminated area? Yes, we'll get over the wrongdoings and the hurt. Forgiveness is a choice, I guess nothing gets in their nerves more than seeing we're doing absolutely fine. How we're a lot stronger than we were before. Show them that we're the best they never had; the best of friend they have turned their back on, the best of partner that they've ever been unfaithful to, the best at whatever you're doing and people are just jealous of you. Wipe it all off, people... Wipe it all off. Don't let it get to you, take control of the situation. Breathe in, breathe out. Put your shades on and show them who's boss.

Those who plot the destruction of others often perish in the attempt. - Thomas Moore.

keep the faith

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