To-Do-List You Can't Miss!

Here's a few of things you can do while I'm gone, you can do it as often as you like, but promise me you'll do it all by the time we meet.

1. Ride your bike.
2. Take a picture of the clear blue skies.
3. Sleep whenever you have spare time. Or walk your dog.
4. Listen to a CD that calms you down. Drink some tea.
5. Pray and ask for strength.
6. Eat rice, with any choice your favorite side dish.
7. Hug and kiss your Dad before going to work or anytime leaving the house.
8. Play video games or catch a movie with your brother.
9. Take a picture of yourself when you're rehearsing.
10. Take a picture of yourself when you're working/while at work.
11. Drive through the Twilight Zone when you're on your way home.
12. Do a cover of your favorite song from our playlist, your pick. Post it on Tumblr.
13. Do a minimum 3 paragraph Tumblr post, telling about your whole day. Be as creative as you like.
14. Eat Jacob's, Beard Papa, or treat yourself some frozen yogurt.
15. Ask your Mom how her day went, buy her her favorite snack or food if you like and talk to her for 5 minutes minimum.
16. Go for a swim. Ask your cousins to come with you if you want to.
17. Wear a big smile on your face and say, "Isn't this such an amazing and wonderful world to be in?" to your listeners when you go on air.
18. SLEEP SOME MORE. By the end of the week, let me know when was the longest you've slept throughout the whole week.
19. Go to a book store, pick a book of your choice, you don't have to buy it but tell me why it's interesting. Post and talk about it on Tumblr.
20. Promise me to take care of your body. Jog, eat plenty and SLEEP SOME MORE.

See you when I see you:')

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