What Every Girls Know That Guys Don't

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I've heard some... How do you put it... Interesting stories from my friends that inspired me to do this blog. So, before I get to the core of the post, keep this in mind: Girls are confusing.

Okay, this post began with the reminiscence of my past Elementary days. Obviously I wasn't the popular kid around-- well except if you're the person in charge of the library, you might easily recall how I look like back in the days-- but I remembered doing pretty okay with the making friends part. Of course, that was until a new girl came in my school. She is pretty and this new kid got all the boys talking. For some reasons I have always been good friends with the pretty girls, I guess school has always been that way, everyone plays a part, don't they; there's this nerd, the popular girl, the funny kid... You get the picture.

I read a quote that best describes how I felt back then, "There's always some reasons for us to not feel good enough." Insecurities. I believe we have somewhat had this sort of experience.
A girl feels easily insecure if her boyfriend meets another girl that is smarter or prettier than she is, although there's no guarantee that the guy is interested with this new girl, the real issue is that the girl makes scenarios in her head that sometimes is just an exaggeration of what is really happening.

Another example that I personally experienced in the past is that a guy might have this silly crush on you and he tries to find his way to your heart. He does all this cute things but for some reasons, you just don't like him back. And when he has given up and stopped chasing after you, there's this sad feeling in your heart that you can't describe, a feeling of being unwanted and not adore anymore, and that leads me to the following conclusion: Girls silently like the attention. Then why do we act as if we don't like it? Again, let me remind you, girls are confusing. Some things are just not meant to be figured out, just leave us be.

We have trust issues too. We're going to demand the answer to the same questions sometimes because we simply need to be reminded all the time. So boys, don't get tired of saying how beautiful she is and how much you love her. Don't let her be the one who's questioning whether you love her or how much you love her, but surprise her by being the one who makes her feel special, moreover at times when she feel like she is not. Trust me, if you remember, it will do you wonders.

Truth is, girls are confusing. And I mean, really confusing. Even us ourselves don't know what we want sometimes. Girls are not meant to be understood, we are made to be loved. But I read something that I felt is a little conceited yet true, "God created woman after man because we always make the rough draft before the final masterpiece."

keep the faith

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