You May Say I'm A Dreamer...

This following post contains a recent conversation of me and a friend of mine; just like how most of my posts have always been, it isn't some kind of a serious post. I was asked to take part in a survey, being given the question of "How do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years," I felt honored, and at the end of the question, there's two words that followed which trigger the imaginative side to me, "Be wild." Too bad I was told to just make three or a maximum four list of things. My mind was busy trying to make the answers as satisfying to me as it could. The background music got me all inspired and the words were outpouring in an inexplicable way because Hillsong's Shout to the Lord was playing.

NJ: EMEHEHE (My natural yet disgusting laugh) I have tons actually...

MA: Just make a list of answers if you don't mind!

NJ: Hmm, okay...
1. I see myself having a NY Times Best-Selling Author book! Let's see... What else...
2. Have an awesome job that has to do with a lot of talking; talk-show host or just a newscaster would be awesome!

3. And I see myself running a charity or foundation for street musicians to be heard, 'cause some street musicians in Jakarta alone have mad talents. I know none of it has happened yet, but those are the ones that I wish would come true.
MA: Aww, Nad. Those are all so lovely and generous of you! I really hope you can achieve it and who knows, maybe you can be the next Oprah. And what are your efforts at the moment in order to reach all of those dreams? Anything in particular?
NJ: Umm well the book part, I'm just taking very small steps and I'm recently very active in my blog to practice my writing skills, and on my way (Fingers crossed!) to be a paid writer, about the hosting thing... I've been introduced to this job since last year, and I think of it as one of those stepping stones. About the street musician thing, just a longing desire that I've never told anyone to.
MA: My God, Nadia. Sometimes talking to you feel like talking to my own twin. We have different dreams, just the same amount of passion. Anyway, last question. I know you would have many, but what is your Favorite Life Motto? Good luck with choosing just one. Haha!
NJ: Well, dreams for me... Okay, I read about this, how there was once stated, "Dreams are free." And people like free things, don't they? So while you're here, why don't you dream as expensive as you can? You have nothing to lose anyways. Life motto? Wow! Toughest question by far.
MA: Holy sh**. That can be the manual to everybody's lives. Do you want me to feature that one? That's awesome!
NJ: Wh... What! I didn't mean for it to be my life motto... But then, that doesn't sound shabby. Haha, I can be pretty indecisive (Translation: Labil). Ah! ME SO HAPPY! (Another translation: Lebay)
MA: I know how you feel.
NJ: Actually my life motto has always been one. It's taken from the Bible, but it's exceedingly true. "Faith... Is the evidence of things we cannot yet see." Adding to the already uplifting Scripture, is because a believer sees his dreams coming true before it actually does.
MA: Wow. That's... Wow. Thank you so much, Nadia, for sharing it with me. I'll let you know when it's up online. I have so much respect for you.
NJ: You're most welcome! I hope you'd want me to do other surveys if there are any more of these in the near future!

Call me by the word, but that's me, I just have always been a dreamer. Dreams are free, people. Imagine being in a restaurant with someone who said that the meal is on them, you wouldn't want to just order the ordinary meal on the menu, would you? You would want to eat as many as you can and order the most expensive meal possible,right? The same thing goes with dreams. Whether it'll happen or it won't, it's by His generous willing and His considerate grace. All we have to do here is to believe.

"Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon."

keep the faith

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