The Blame Game

It's easier to blame someone for a fault that has occurred in the past than to say your sorry, it's hard to even admit that it's your fault in the first place. And it would be so wrong to blame my parents on what situation I am in right now, but I guess the insecurities grew rapidly after the things that happened in my past. I've experienced living alone not too long ago, I thought I would never survived living away from home, all by myself, but I miraculously did... Somehow, honestly, I kinda like it. Maybe being "forced" to be independent from a young age mold the person I am today. And I look forward to living all by myself in the future. Not with anyone in the picture, just me... Living happily. Alone. Far from drama and all other stupid arguments. I make the call, I take care of myself. I know it'll get tough when I get ill or something unfortunate comes up, but I know I'll find a way out, like I always do, somehow, little miracles kept happening in life, and those are the things I rely on on my every day life. I sound rather pathetic, but believe it or not, I'm smiling about it. That actually sounds like the best adventure I can ever live. Freedom doesn't mean partying all night long and getting drunk or do stupid things, freedom means being liberated by all means, pursuing your dream, starting from zero, and you do it wholeheartedly because you know what you want and how to get it. It is true how I once read, "It doesn't matter who you were born as, it matters who you'll become."

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