Giving Up for Good

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"Everything she does is beautiful... Everything she does is right."

I'm not the most updated person when it comes to Hollywood celebs, but one of my favorite TV Presenter, Giuliana Rancic (formerly known as Giuliana DePandi), who met her already proclaimed husband Bill Rancic-- a real-estate agent wonder and successful entrepreneur-- during a TV interview. I saw the first interview that she did with him, it was obvious that sparks flew from that moment on, turns out I was right, he asked her out after the interview was over. You might be familiar of him since he won the hit reality show by Donald Trump, The Apprentice. "I thought I was dreaming. It was the most amazing moment of my entire life. Not only is Bill the love of my life, but he's also my best friend. I couldn't believe my dream guy was asking me to marry him," Giuliana admits to PEOPLE Magazine. She said that she knew that he was the one because she always sees her Dad's eyes light up every time her Dad sees her Mom walk into a room, and Giuliana sees that in Bill. (That was so touching. And sweet.) How did Bill propose to Giuliana? I know it's not the moments that matter, but the memories. But come on, ladies, let's admit that things like this that you want to happen once in your lifetime to be memorable, so you might as well would want to take notes, boys.

Bill sent a limo to pick Giuliana up at the airport after arriving in Chicago from L.A. The limo dropped her off at a nearby helipad and Bill prepared her favorite pizza and champagne. I have to admit the pizza part was cute. Nice touch, Bill. He proposed to her while up in the air, touring around downtown Chicago on a helicopter ride. Then Bill took her to his apartment afterwards, a pool of rose petals was spread beautifully and to top to the already sweet day, he also prepared a chocolate cake for Giuliana.

She came a long way since her first earnings-- flipping flour in the kitchen; pizza dough, that is... And in one of my personal favorite pizza place, Domino's! Other than holding her wedding ceremony in Italy and earning around 7 million dollars a year from hosting and other incredible deals, Giuliana lives a pretty fabulous life.

Entering the first few years, they've already entered the point where their marriage is put to the test. One of the few things that made it hard for their marriage is Giuliana's life and career revolve around California, which is in the West Coast. While Bill, is the exact opposite. He's not into all the L.A party scene, he's more into a much slow paced city like Chicago, and it's a much better option for him since he's into the real estate business. So it was even hard to juggle all the schedules with them living in separate cities, the airport became one of their most visited places every week, if one of them is not giving up their comfort zones (Read: Ego), they won't ever find a way out.

One of the most tragic things that happened in their relationship is the miscarriage, following to the struggle for them to conceive a child. I can't imagine how hard it is for them to hear from the doctor that it would be a huge challenge for them to have children. It was devastating to watch how difficult it is for them to try and have children. Must have crushed their heart, knowing that the only thing they could ask for now is to have kids running around to their already lovely household. I really hope they'll be able to have children in no time. They're a deserving couple.

I guess no matter how smooth life may seem, trouble is always on the tail of every happiness, just to make life seem fair. But I'm happy to see that they've settled to a decision and Bill is giving up Chicago for Los Angeles to be with his wife. I guess you haven't experienced love if you've never fully sacrificed something. You can't expect your partner to always be the one who will take a step back for you, or even a much simpler example, who apologizes all the time. I guess it's tough for Bill to accept the fact that it's difficult for his wife to be able to give him babies, but hopefully he'll stick with her through thick and thin. Sometimes it's a challenge to be the bigger person that accepts things in troubled times. Giving up doesn't mean you're losing, it means winning yourself over your own ego. Life's always about sacrificing, even sometimes denying what you really want. You always put someone else's needs first before yours if you love someone. That's undeniable and unquestionable.

keep the faith

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