I Question Myself

Recent Song on Play: Lonely Lullaby- Owl City
"But I'm holding fast because it's darkest just before the dawn,
I sang my princess fast asleep,
'Cause she was my dream come true..."

It's excruciating to keep some facts to yourself. Being given the reliability card by people, it is extremely hard to make up your mind when your ethics, morals and standards are being put to the test. Sometimes I lower my standards to fit in, that way I don't completely lose what I believe in, but sometimes I have to adjust with others' beliefs, because I know I can't just force what I believe in deep down inside, when other people have walked a different path in life. I know it's wrong to put someone's past against them, because I know that you can't change the past, but it's still somewhat hard 'cause I can't really seem to accept that it's forever a part of them. It's both fortunate and unfortunate at the same time how life might turn out. There's people who are changed by you, and then there's people who changed you. One moment you hold onto what you've known all along, and then the next minute you might see life from a different light and suddenly everything is a big question mark. All that you hold on for so long, you have to give up for people who don't hold the same standards in life. Isn't it funny how a 10 minute talk stay in your memory for decades? How you think life is a breeze and then come all this different points of view and you're starting to ask which one is real? Would you create harmony with other people, or with yourself first? I'm afraid I might be just hallucinating. Like how love is most of the time, sometimes it's an illusion, what you think you know inside. So, tell me... If what you know holds the power to hurt the people you love... Will you still let them know?

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