July Round-Up

Recent Song on Play: Love In This Club Part II- Usher ft. Beyonce
"I'm not hesitating I just don't wanna rush,
You could be anywhere you wanted but you decided to be here with me..."

We're heading towards the end of July. Before you know it, it's the last few months of the year, then it's 2012... Wow. What can I say, I learned a lot this year and one of the biggest lessons I can take is that expectations lead to disappointments. It's a good lesson, though; knowing someone as dull and stiff as I am need to learn how to be a little flexible and more spontaneous. Sometimes things that are unplanned are the memories that often last. None of what I hoped for this month actually came true, but the things that occurred are the ones that I never see coming. What I'm confused about now is this: Aren't dreams sort of like a long-term expectation? So, does that mean that dreams would never come true? And yet, most people are holding onto them even after knowing that there's a chance that it might not come true. I've read a wise saying that goes like this, "One cannot refuse to eat because there's a chance of getting choked." Of course it might not happen, or as you live life, your dreams might change. But then again, if you don't aim for something in life, why are you even living then? Things that are valuable can't be weigh by how heavy, how long, how good looking, or how much, because most things that you need to survive in life are often times those that you can't even grasp. Honestly I feel that it's better to make progress little by little every time, rather than being stuck in one place and not being able to move. The climb is much better than being at the top, 'cause when you get there, what else can you do but tumble down?

keep the faith

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