Kissed Eighteen Goodbye

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"It takes acquired minds to taste, to taste, to taste this wine..."

I am now... Officially 19. I'm actually pretty monotone and dull about birthdays, which made me seem like a heartless person for being so inexpressive. I know there's more than 18 people who have made my life such an amazing ride to be in, but I have narrowed it down to only 18 and wanna give a little shoutout these 18 people (Well, not actually 18, 'cause some numbers have more than 18 people... Oh, well.) who have been such great support, and making not only my birthday memorable, but also the passing days that went by. Please note that it is in no particular order whatsoever.

1. Jason Blake
What will I do without him. I'd tell him a couple of times, even more, that I'd be gulping on mosquito-resistant liquid if I was born as an only child. Mom and him sneaked a little present on my pillow when I was half asleep, and I can hear him say, "I feel like a Santa Claus," before putting it on my pillow. He listens well like a little child watches Sunday morning cartoons. And though I repeat stories or ask for advices over and over, he patiently dealt with me. He calms me down and he's the only guy that has seen me cry numerous times. Whoever gets to be my first boyfriend has to know that he'll always be the second guy in my life, because my brother is always going to be the first.

2. Christina Jennifer
One of the most important people in my family too, except that she's not in my core family, she's my cousin. She had a plan of taking me to the beach, because she knew how bad I wanted to go to Bali. Even though that didn't happen, I really love how she likes to plan things out. She should go and make her own event organizer. She is a loud and expressive person, the perfect example of what I am not.

3. Narendra Pawaka
I honestly have lost form of words when it comes to talking about this guy. He's not only the person that gets in my nerves for the strangest and most random things, but he is on the outstanding level of patience when it comes to dealing with me, which I can't find in just anyone, because trust me... I can be a lot of work to handle. He made a new blog out of our names combined that he introduced when the day changed from the 15th to the 16th of July, which is a little cheesy yet sweet, what better words to describe him than those two. My birthday became anything but the things that I want them to be. I wanted to stay in bed, do nothing and away from all social life, Blackberry, Twitter and et cetera to somewhat "meditate" in my room. It turned out to be way different. And can you imagine, I've only known him in less than a year? Find out more about what really happened on my birthday here.

4. Gilvina Gunardy
Funny how we even started off as enemies. Thank you so so much for the cupcakes, Mom loves it as much as I do! Your family has been a huge part of who I am today, thank you for showing me that you don't have to be related by blood to do the nicest, most life changing things. I see you as a sister and you're the best listener, friend-- and if I was a boy I'd be your lover-- and best there is, best I can ever ask for. Thank you for listening to the worst, most unimportant crap that I dump over and over and over. Thank you for being the person who I can talk to even at the most irrational hours in the morning. Yudabez.

5. Maria Widjaja
Thank you for making the voice note of karaoke-ing to Paramore's The Only Exception, just making me feel worse about not seeing the band in Bali... Kidding. You're one of the few people who gets me and what I go through, even knows me way better than myself sometimes. Thank you for having the idea of going to Bali and accompanying me to see Paramore even though you don't like them, but really, I wouldn't be that selfish to fulfill my own want and needs. Thank you for showing tremendous support and for not judging me based on the things that I've chosen in the past.

6. Stella Karyadi
You're one of the few people who can stay up for hours talking with me on the phone. Sometimes I wonder if my future boyfriend would be more jealous of you and my brother than other guys, since I spend most of my time talking to you guys. Thank you for the voice note of playing the Birthday Song on the piano. I miss singing on Chapel and other school events with you on the keyboard.

7. Alicia Deswandy
You, your crazy and major sugar consumer siblings (since you guys make it as if you all are in a sugar rush) are one of the highlights of my year. Thank you for being there during my lowest, for sharing half of your life with me and trusting me with so much in so little time. Thank you for the postcard that you brought from San Fransisco and the YouTube video of the birthday wish that you made with... *coughs*. I really do hope that even if there might be inevitable changes in the future, we'd change along for the better.

8. Poetry K Savitri
Fellow Cancer buddy... We might not be able to talk every day or see each other every day, but you're one of those people that make me smile by those little "coincidence" that happen between us. You're an awesome listener, and even a more awesome friend & song-trading buddy since I trust you with your music taste. I hope we get to do those To Do List that we plan to finish in the future!

Iky, Den Mas, Ecol, Dika and Ry. The 5 guys who know me well by not knowing me, as in by listening to... Um, stories from your beloved vocalist? Either way, I'm thankful to know each and every one of you talented young men, I do wish all the merry and great things for your future, both personally and profesionally. Thank you for the birthday surprise, you guys are definitely my newfound family.

10. The LaPiazza Bunch
Thank you for Deva, Sarah, Tata, Gita, Dhara, and other people that I see in almost every Friday that I can't say one by one. I know one day everything might change and it will be just a memory, but I hope we can all look back and say, "Those were the days..."

11. Jesse Tirayoh
Thank you for being a great sport. For being the best Skype buddy when I don't feel like talking to anyone, you know how to just make me smile. Best present of all was that video that you made with Johnny and Brian (Featuring Melody), you guys are the best. I literally had to pause the video and grab tissue since it was so touching. If any of you readers want to see, come see here!

12. SOT Class of 2007
Thank you for Ruth, Melody, Jessica, Kevin, Christopher, Jonathan, Nicholas and other SOT classmates that never really changed throughout the years and for growing a much stronger friendship day by day. I am more than honored to have met all of you.

13. Curhat & Gossip buddies via BBM
To Andrea Adi Guna, Sonia Eryka, Cindy Karmoko, Andrea Gunawan, Duta Prawira, Pisok Michael, Edward Benjamin, Franky and other people that I talk to at my dark days and giving me the best advices. I know we rarely see each other, even some of you I might never even seen in real life! But, I must say, thank you for the unforgettable conversations that really helped me through.

14. Yuqqe Macdalena
Yuqqe, I might not be there when you need me the most but I can just never forget the firm friendship that we once (and hopefully will always) shared. You're both the competition in class and the best friend after class. Thank you for showing me the true meaning of friendship, and I hope you'll do amazingly in Germany, living up to your dreams. Nothing is, still, ever impossible.

15. Adrienne & Sabrina Winarto
The duo that made quite an "argument" on my Facebook wall, debating after wishing me a happy birthday, blaming one another on who's being a copycat for wishing me a happy birthday first. They were just always the two cousins that are very loud and funny. Every time I visit Australia, they come up with the best pranks and know just how to make me cry! But their the nicest people in the world, always bought my favorite snacks (Including ice cream!) and showed me around. I still wear the bracelet with my name on it that they gave me for my 16th birthday. But the blue Mickey Mouse mp3 you gave me for my birthday present is now just a history.

16. Felicitas Nordt
I know we rarely talk to each other due to the busy schedule and different time zone, but every time you pay a visit to Jakarta, it's always a memorable one. Thank you for being so nice and how can I ever forget the huge jar of Nutella that you brought me, best souvenir ever! Hope I can celebrate my birthday in Germany one day.

17. Mba Ati
You're probably someone that I pay more respect to more than my Mom. Thank you for taking care of me ever since the first day that I opened my eyes in the Universe. Thank you for being the person who taught me how to cook, how to clean and even how to love someone. You believed in me more than anyone ever could and I see of you as a fairy godmother. You have just been the best supporter to what I want to do and I know God sent you from above for a purpose. I'm sorry if I haven't done enough to repay what you've done in the past, but once I get the chance to do it, I will.

18. My blog readers
Last, but definitely not least... These awesome people who would take the time to read my blogs! I'm sorry to have not mention your names, I'm not the best in memorizing people's names, bad habit, I know. And to have spared a minute or two to wish me a happy birthday on Twitter or Facebook. You guys are truly amazing. Funny how you can see clearly through the blur and even though I may not know where everything that I do leads to, but your support and feedbacks are the ones that kept me going.

I know I sort of sound like someone who just won the Oscars, but honestly, meeting (or in some cases, knowing) each and every one of you is such an amazing blessing, tops any other awards in the world:') Even for now, I thank you-- from the bottom of my heart-- for reading. Thank you for the BBM's, mentions on Twitter, walls on Facebook, promise to reply them one by one as soon as I find the time. Forgive me if there's anything I've done in the past that might have accidentally offended you or even something I purposely have committed. Guilty as charged, I'm just another ordinary human being. As much as I wanna be alone in my life, the honest and frank truth is always this-- that actually other people that came and go are the ones who pulled me through.

keep the faith

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Jessica Bernadetta said...

i just want to say that you are way too lucky meeting those people you just mentioned in this blog.. happy birthday once again, and awww,,, there's my name in ur list.. i cant thank you enough :') god bless you nad :) :)

Nadia Juliana said...

Yes I am more than lucky, I am blessed!!!:') Thank you Icha, and of course you're part of it, I miss High School very much! NO, thank YOU:')
God bless you, Jessica:'D