Last Teen Years

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"If you wanna steer, well I'm shifting gears, I'll take it from here."

I don't need cake since I have enough fat to get me through winter. Honestly I can't put my wishlist for the world to see like how some people could write, "Ooh, I want a new phone for my birthday," or "I would love a new Porsche for my birthday," not that there's anything wrong with wanting those things on your birthday, but my definition of presents is overflowing love from my family and friends which help me survived; those are the most wonderful gifts ever existed. At the age of 18, I'm more focused than ever, being trusted with work and responsibility way beyond my age, I'm just simply thankful, and yet I still feel like the word 'thankful' is such an understatement. Highlights and lowest points? I would need another post to tell you one by one. I fell in love, fell out of love, learned to open up again. I've always thought my life is full of drama, no matter how hard I try to avoid it, but it just can't seem to get enough of me. I'm beginning to think that if my life was turned into a soap opera, it would be a huge hit. Well, it's not as tragic or dramatic as Manohara's, but still... Ratings wouldn't disappoint. Well I've always seen birthdays from a bitter point of view, what can I say, it's a bitter world, and having to give up my second-last teen year, age of 18... Before going to the very last teenage year, 19... Gah, even I feel old typing about it. Before I knew it, it's 20, then it's pressure to have a steady career, then it's pressure to share the rest of your life with someone that you both can't stand and can't live without. I met an old friend of mine, Stella, who just came home for her Uni break from Melbourne. It's been a good 7 years of friendship, and she's one of those people that could have been out of sight for a couple of years and yet when you meet, nothing changes, you still have the best conversations, going out is always a fun thing to do. You talk about the past, fantasize about what the future would be like, sometimes go a little crazy with food, but then there's moments where you have deep conversations and it finally hits you that this kind of people are the ones that we need to hold close. Like Jesse, another good friend of mine, I think of him almost like a brother. One minute Skype conversation can turn my day around. He listens well and he has his own ways of making me smile, feels like he knows me too well. It's been more than 5 years since I last saw him before he moved to the States, yet our bond grew stronger day by day. We don't talk much and sometimes we just goof around, but I guess even distance shouldn't be in the way of something as important as friendship. Funny how friendship can start, it can be built from the strangest way possible. For example, this girly named Alicia Deswandy, I met her in just a short amount of time, yet it's safe to say that she's my other half. At first glance, I didn't even think that she likes me, but then when I get to know her, it's clear that she knows me better than friends I have known for gazillion of years, or even people that are related by blood! I trust her and what I find amazing is that she not only understands the things that I say (which I already find splendid!), but she also understands the unspoken statements that I hid deep down inside. I realized that those who matter are not about whom you have known the longest or cares the best, it's about who came and never left. They stick through thick and thin, knowing that they could leave away at any given moment, yet they won't leave you astray. It's a beautiful; gives you this peaceful feeling inside your heart. So, I guess how hard I pray or wish that I can stop or turn back time, I'll be 19 in just a couple hours time... Well as long as the people that I need are always going to be there, bring me another 19 good and memorable years!

keep the faith

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FN said...

Happy birthday to my favourite blogger, Nadia Juliana! Wish you the best in life and may you be given a chance to publish a book in the near future and may God bless you with happiness and love and everything else because you're worthy of it :)

XO Always keeping the faith thanks to you :)

Nadia Juliana said...

Thank you, first of all, for reading again!:') And second, for the birthday wish!:'D:'D Amen!! I hope we both will always be keeping our faith in toughest times possible, and may God always be with you and bless you in everything you do! XO