Less is (Definitely) More

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"...and never in my whole life have I heard words as beautiful as when you say my name"

Hello, July. Not the most anticipated month of the year to be completely and utterly honest with you. But then again, when you expect nothing, life's always a surprise, so life... Surprise me. (DEAR LIFE... THAT'S A RHETORICAL STATEMENT, NOT A CHALLENGE!)

I've heard and seen that a lot of people who enjoy life in luxury actually turned into the most cruel people in the world. Then what's the use of it? You live in abundance and yet your soul is empty. I learned that sometimes when you have it all, you lost track of what actually mattered. Many people take things for granted because they think they will never lose it. The one thing you have to always remember to make things last is that it might be gone in a matter of seconds. Like your parents, we might not be the nicest kids who do whatever things as told and listen to whatever advices that are given, but when you lose them, it would still tear you apart, no matter how okay you think you might be without them. Or to a lover, someone out there can always love them better than you do, do a lot better than you ever could, and it's not to make you think negative thoughts, but I'm saying that guess what? They can always walk away any time of the day, so don't see things with just half an eye.

I learned that even when you seemingly have it all, you might always lack one important thing in your life. Something that is too much is not good. Water is a good example. When you have just enough, it's good for the farms, and all the plants in general. But too much water can cause a tsunami, that might even destroy all the beautiful surroundings (I know, I realize that I go overboard when it comes to imagination and illustration sometimes). So to me, having just enough is good enough, it keeps you grounded. For instance, less make-up makes you look more natural. Or! Less fat makes you look slimmer and definitely healthier. Less stress makes you do your ultimate best. Less drama makes you a lot happier, and free from pressure or any kind of tension. Less ego makes your relationship a lot easier and of course smoother. Less fabric makes you look a lot sexier. Well, every example is true except maybe for the last one.

keep the faith

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FN said...

I pray that one day your extremely thoughtful and wonderfully written blogposts will be published into a book. If so, I'd want to own your book with your autograph on it one day :D

Nadia Juliana said...

Hey, favorite reader, you're back!:')
Thank you once again for your time and commenting on my post. That's really sweet of you, I hope I can meet you in real life by the time that happens!:') THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!:')

Keep the faith