Love Endures

Recent Song on Play: Bound to You- Christina Aguilera
"Suddenly the moment's here, I embrace my fears,
All that I have been carrying all these years, do I risk it all? Come this far just to fall?"

They say when you love someone, set them free, if they return back to you, then they're yours, if they don't, then it was never meant to be. But if they're out of reach and you had a chance to prove it yourself, will you take it? Will you go for the person who has your mind thinking that this person is the one?

I learned that there's obsession, and then there's love. The two might look similar to another, but there's a fine line that sets these two apart. Being obsessed with someone is when you keep questioning what will it be like if you guys are together, and you have a thing with this person, but it is what it is-- just a thing for him. When you're finally together, you'll start to wonder if it was even real from the start. But when it's love, you'll go up and above, down and beyond, because when it's real love, it endures. Sometimes the signs are there all along, it's your call to see it and take it or if you would rather just ignore it. The one thing you'll have to remember about love is that you don't force it to happen, it just does.

To me the thing that makes me sure of someone is the "click factor" that you just don't get from anyone. It feels different from the feelings that you get around other people. For example, there's this one guy that you don't feel a click with, even when you hold hands or rest your head on his shoulder, it doesn't feel the same with the guy who you would just be standing next to and feel 180 degrees differently on the inside. I, call me naïve for doing so, rely on that alone. It's not butterflies, it's something unexplainable that really assure you out of anything else in the world. I've even had a personal experience of proving myself if this guy was really someone I'm in love with. I took a 3 weeks trip to Australia, which I intend to prove myself once and for all if it was real, and I don't live in a family of abundance, I'm amazingly blessed, but honestly, I don't come from an extravagant living background. And trust me, it cost me a lot of trouble, don't ask how many problems I deal with with my Mom, and even on top of that, I only had a day to spend my time with the person I followed for my feelings, but it was worth it.

It didn't end well, we didn't end up as lovers but on the bright side, we decided to stay good friends. It taught me that sometimes it's okay to end up as friends, because it last. Well if it's the one powerful thing that you'll ever get to see this person forever, this friendship going on, I honestly don't mind. But you'll never know what the future holds, right? Sometimes you just have to prove to yourself even if it's a mistake, but making a wise decision is of high importance. Whatever it is that you're trying to prove, set your mind up front, because no matter how you'll end up, remind yourself that you never regret decisions that you once were strongly passionate about. Love is a beautiful thing. It makes the impossible possible.

keep the faith

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