So Simple

Bring me back to the days where falling in love is as simple as giving someone your favorite crayon. The furthest to getting your heart broken is when your favorite drawing was torn into two. The person who teases you at lunch time is still the same person you dream of at nap time. Sharing your snacks, queuing for class, field trips at museums. Back then life seemed more simple, carefree. Do you remember the first person who has a crush on you? I remember mine. His name is Hanscent. He's the smart guy in class and I don't know what it is or I'm being way too easy to please, but I remember he always has the ability to make me laugh, and that habit lives on-- liking someone back for his adorable ways of making me giggle at the silliest things, one of my weakness I conclude. I remember he gave me a little phone book for my birthday; it was white and has three little hearts on the cover up front. He didn't have the courage to give it to me, so he gave his babysitter to give to my babysitter and when asked why he gave me that little phone book, as silly and innocent as kindergarten kids were, he replied, "Cause she's my prettiest friend in class." I kept the phone book for years and hoped that we'd meet after few years parting in Elementary... But we never did. Just like how every guys in my life ended up, he remained nothing more but a memory.

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