There's Gotta Be More to Life

There's so many things I need to get out of my chest and I don't see any better option of media than blogging. Please don't pay attention to anything I say if you don't agree. I just need a place where I know I can be me.

I know the definition of success to certain people vary. Either fame or money, whichever it may be, it depends on what people think they really need.
I feel lost. So many people's lives around me revolve around money. I know I sound like some kind of free-spirited hippie who cares more about world peace and living life to the fullest scenario, well I just feel it's weird how I don't see the world like most people do. You know what we need to change? What we really need to change is our definition of perfect. You know they say you're perfect when you have a huge amount of money, or like in the fashion industry, you're perfect if you're a certain size. But then again, have you ever really, and I mean-- really witness the definition of perfect in this world? Truth is, human can never be satisfied, it's in our nature. I remembered one of my favorite sayings: memento mori, which means, "Remember that you're mortal." (Sounds like a good tattoo option, I'm tempted... Kidding!) It's a reminder that we, too, at one point, will have an end to life. So people need to be realistic, not just materialistic.

Me? I learned that you don't have to have it all to be happy. I think what matters is when you look at yourself in the mirror, you can smile and you know it deep down, "I live a happy life." Why bother having a mansion if the sound of your parents fighting echo every night? Why bother having the most expensive and luxurious car if your husband shares it with another woman? There's no use of having it all if you feel deprived. I have everything I need... Family, friends, FOOD! You have everything when you have love. (AND I LOVE FOOD, I GUESS FOOD LOVES ME BACK *chews keyboard*) I may not have the best of everything in life, but at least it's safe to say that I never miss out on everything good.

keep the faith;')
...even at the hardest times possible!

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