The Wolverine Season

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"Wake up, the sun's shining bright lets go out of bed into the light,

Shape up, we won't forget still there's lots of love left to hold tight"

The term is made by a male friend of mine for us females who deal with period every friggin month of our lives, and I guess it best describes our sudden "transformation" when it comes around. I'm not having my period right now but it's the beginning of the month and I can sense it coming. I know, the pain can get a little out of control sometimes, and we have to get through the day, knowing we still have to deal with unpredictable and ongoing pain in our stomachs. Men don't deal with what women deal for a minimum 4 to 5 consecutive days each and every month, not to mention the suddenly-there pimples, the ascending appetite, and last but not least, the irrefutable mood swings. Most of my girl friends who talk about or share their problems with their boyfriends slash crushes or whatever, they either have negative thoughts, or create assumptions in their heads, are having their period or are just about to have their period. Even a simple bad day can push people over the edge. Which leads me to the conclusion that girls on PMS are at a very unstable state. That's why PMS can also be short for Perpetual Mood Swings, which leads to... Pushing Man's Sanity.

I'm a little torn into two. I mean, in a way, I can't deny the fact that woman wants to be understood at this time of the month because everything just seem like it's going downhill when this "wolverine season" comes around, but then again, you can't really act like a brat and make everyone understand what you're going through, sometimes you have to suck it in. I'm not a doctor who can explain what goes in a woman's brain or body when she's having PMS, but I guess you can't really blame it on the hormones. I think you can never have the right reason or excuse to treat other people like crap, and although I do it too sometimes, but I entirely realize that it's wrong and that realization makes me feel like a jerk most of the time. I don't think you could just get away with being a total diva because you "happen" to have been experiencing PMS. That's like being okay that someone is cheating on you because they feel rather lonely. I mean I get it, it's as if girls aren't complicated enough with this issue to add up the drama. Men have a lot to deal with, the constant nagging and bitching can drive guys a little nuts sometimes. Girls are a little delusional as wolverines, we don't make sense when we're turning into this monthly beast. But I guess that teaches men how to deal patiently with women, how to handle them at their worst, so you know you're with the right man when he can handle you on your period days. And as for women, see it this way, it's a constant reminder that you too, at one time or another, will become complete by the time you conceive a living human being inside of them.

keep the faith

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