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"I am an instrument of a living God, my life a melody to His name..."

I've read Oprah once said, "You are responsible for your own future, no other person is or ever can be." I know we're the compass of our own destiny, and as much as we hate to admit it, we have to make the toughest call sometimes. The hardest decisions and the right decisions are often similar to one another.

But before you see the fruit of the tree, shouldn't you be checking the root of the tree? Meaning, before looking at the future, it's important to know where you came from, where your past lies. It's no mystery that home is where true education starts. School is not responsible for a person's character or habit. It might be, but most of the trait that human being carry for the rest of his life is from a place where he's always a part of, his family.

It really is up to them to be thanked or to be blamed for someone's growth. Research says that most convicts have parents who came behind the bars too. No question where amazing talents also came from, like David Beckham, his Dad was a big influence of his early career. Or how musicians who started from nothing, such as Charice and The Jonas Brothers, caught the music influence from their parents. Like Charice, for instance, David Foster admitted that it's her pain in the past that made her vocals strong like none other.

The past is a big part of someone's life. It says so much of the person that they are today. No one's past is the same, but I guess everyone has one thing in common. Everyone in life is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something.

keep the faith

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