Blood, Sweat and Tears

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"I'm Dying... Dying to wake up without you, without you in my head again."

I know my family don't even know that I blog. But I just feel like writing this as a form of appreciation to my family members that didn't get the appreciation that they deserved.
This is to my Dad, who even though I don't see that often, has given me a happy childhood.
This is to my Mom, who even though never figured what I really want in life, has given me the gift of life.
This is to my Brother, who even though gets reckless at times, has given me the meaning of true love and friendship.
This is to my cousin, Christina Jennifer, who even though has a passion for designing things, has given a try to pursue her passion of broadcasting, and is now one of the trainees of Prambors Radio. I really hope you'll go far. I'm proud of you because you worked through the auditions and gave time to try and make it work even when distance was once an issue. When people have famous last names that they turn to, or broad links that bring them to their career, I'm proud of how you start from nothing and in the long run I believe it will definitely turn to something. And even though I'm quiet around you and we don't talk as much like we used to, now that we have many things for us to handle separately, you're still the cousin I will have the time of my life with.
This is to my other cousin, Stephanie Valencia, who even though just graduated High School and had to work just like your nerdy cousin right here, I know you're a brilliant young woman and it will bring you far. Strong women have to be strong for the family. I just heard news that your boss is going to pay your University tuitions and I can't be any more proud of you. I miss the sleepovers that we used to have.
This is to my uncle, Om Rudy, who brought our family name to gratification, I know the music stream flows heavily in our family blood, maybe nobody in the family has ever said it directly to you, but I'm proud of the performance you did in Japan.
This is to my other cousin, Adrienne Winarto, who brought me joy every time we meet and I do hope that her love story that she's in now will be endless and remains for eternity. (I just can't believe you're traveling to the United States, around Asia and going to Ireland for Christmas all in the same year... I feel like choking and hugging you at the same time.)

I'm just incredibly proud to be in the family that even though we don't come from a background of socialites or people with high authority, we come from a humble background, and even though so, I hope we'll ended up somewhere worthy, a line of family where people will remember us by.

keep the faith

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