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I miss the old rock'n'roll, edgy and ass-kicking Ashlee. Why do all singers in Hollywood started off amazing and ended up tragic? I love the color of her music, the tone to her voice AND THE SONGS. Her singles known worldwide such as Pieces Of Me, La La and Autobiography. My personal favorites-- to name a few-- are Love Me For Me, Shadow and Harder Everyday. I love how she makes love songs sound sweet yet still has that easy-listening rock to it, like how she sings in Love Makes The World Go Round. Her unique voice is quite a big help. Maybe because she had help from her old lover, Ryan Cabrera? Darn it, you two! Why do you have to part? Other artists that started off strong and ended up... Not so strong are... Avril Lavigne, not that I have a problem with a much more girly and all-grown-up image of Avril, but her rock chick image is already a good idea to stick with, too bad she didn't stick with it long enough. Britney Spears! HOW CAN I FORGET OOPS! I DID IT AGAIN?! Ever since her love life got to her head (Thank God her hair has grown!), her career pretty much fell to pieces. The only thing she's supposed to thank from her ex-hubby is beautiful genes. Thank God her kids are cute. Lady Gaga. I love her when she first came out with her Just Dance single. She seemed... Normal. Now, I just... Have no words to describe her. No, I completely run out of adjectives to describe her, or there's just no such vocab can ever be written in the dictionary to describe her. Who else... Rihanna? I guess I like her back in the Umbrella, Unfaithful and Pon De Replay days. I guess artists are all about recreating their image? It's fine I guess, as long as they don't lose themselves completely.

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