The Cur(s)e

I don't see myself owning any business in the fashion section, I'd rather open one that has something to do with food. Not that I'm the best cook or anything, I just have a little more interest in the culinary business. Well since it's the month of Ramadhan for my Islamic buddies, I think there's no better time to help out than this time of the year. A friend of my Mom who owns a travel agency, told me that she needed help to sell out some items that she got from any other places, and of course with the power of the web, we shall conquer the world! MUAHAHA!

...note that I'm only half joking.

Many people from time to time have advised me to do a fashion blog, many of my friends have successfully done so, but I can't just pretend to do something that I am not fully interested in and as happy as I am for my other fashionista friends, I think I'm going to stick with writing crap and other nonsense.
BUT... This friend of Mom needed help with her stuffs and so I advised her to use a model *cough* *narcissistic much* to make the items look more attractive, and so I volunteered to model and also to put it up on my Facebook profile... Although I swore to myself I would never ride along the online shop boat, but I guess this can be an exception. (No worries, Facebook friends, I won't tag anyone!) Well who knows if she's generous enough to buy me a return ticket to Italy... Or Dubai... Or... Brazil. No, of course not, I'm not hoping for anything in return. This is solely based on personal relationship, not highly demanding business partners...

...but of course, I wouldn't say no to the return tickets.

Anyway, for the moment I'm trying out with the bags only, since I still don't know if it's going to work out or if it won't, so feel free to comment... Or purchase. Mehehe.

I had fun taking the pictures. I always love the candid and natural pictures more... So here's a preview of what the bags looked like.

...ugh, the last picture of the bunch just make it obvious how breast-less I am in real life.

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