...Do Us Part

(This is just a re-blog from the blog I did on my Tumblr on Monday, 8th of August 2011)

You can’t take back what was taken away from you.

Ironic, isn’t it? How you ask yourself, “Why?” How you thought it was unfair. You were overwhelmed by the loss you were forced to deal with. But that’s life. Life is all about options, but then again there are times where it doesn’t give you enough time to choose. And you can do nothing but live with the grief.

I’m sorry for being so emotional, I literally need to take a breather and pause for a while. This post is one of the hardest posts I have to do. It’s breaking my heart having to write this.

I remembered someone asked me once: “Would you rather see the one you love, love someone else, or would you rather never see the one you love ever again?”

It’s one thing if distance is the problem. It’s another thing if someone else gets in the way. But what if something else, something more of a divine intervention, such as death, that separates you with your loved one?

Someone I knew just lost her loved one. I wasn’t aware of her loss until I read her Tweets. What tears me even into bits of pieces is reading her Tumblr.

As strong as knowing someone is your better half, that feeling of assurance is just beyond any words that can describe. It’s great that she has already felt that connection with someone, she’s one of the lucky few.

I can’t imagine being in her position right now, just thinking about it gets me all emotional again. But I really do hope that there will be a silver lining, just like it always has been. Here’s a few of the Tumblr posts that got me teared up.

-Him: Aren’t you glad that your boyfriend is a good cook?
Her: No, I’m not. I’m grateful… for you… for everything that you could do or couldn’t do… for everything that you are.

-Her: I’ve never had so much fun with anyone before. We laugh a lot, and I can’t stop thanking God for creating such a wonderful person like you.

-Her: Is there anything longer than always? Cos that’s how long I’m gonna love you.

-Him: I’m sick of having to take care so many people. I just wish you could help me a little bit, by taking care of me.

-Him: Baby…
Her: Yes?
Him: Just wanna call your name…
Her: But that’s not my name.
Him: But you are my baby… Always my baby…

If you happen to be reading this, D… Be strong. I know it’s hard to be the strong person all the time… You have your share of happiness, I hope even when he’s gone, you can still share it to the whole world. The same bubbly D that I always know.

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