I beat myself up probably a lot more than I should.
I act like everything's okay when a matter of fact, everything's sucking me in like a tornado.
I help others too much when I'm the one that's in need of big help.
I probably care a lot more than I should.
I think of others more than I spend my time thinking about me.
Happiness is seeing someone else smiling.
I try solving others' problems when I need to solve mine.
Deep down I wish people cared more like I cared for them.
Maybe that's just wishful thinking.
Maybe happiness is overrated.
I wish I was normal... Living a life that's the same as everyone else's patterns.
I need to accept things. Grief, loss, failure.
I need to acknowledge love.
I need to let go of my insecurities.
I need to stop.
I need to be better and better and better. Even if it's not good enough.
I need to try a little harder.
I need...

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