(Not-So-Secret) Thoughts to Girls

1. We sometimes don't even understand what we want.
2. We think the worst out of everything.
3. We get emotional for no reason.
4. We wonder how much we mean to you.
5. We don't always mean what we say.
6. We get insecure every time we see someone better.
7. We fake smiles... A lot.
8. We regret the things we say afterwards most of the time.
9. We care a lot more than we probably should.
10. We trust you, far more than we trust ourselves.

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Erika Anindita said...

Hai Nad! Udah lama ga main ke blog lo, pas liat yang terbaru.......... KENAPA ISINYA BENER BANGET. Apalagi nomer 2, 4, 5, 6 (!!), 9, terus 10. Semoga lo ga bosen ngeliat gue komen terus-terusan di blog lo hehehe. Waiting for your next post!

Nadia Juliana said...

Hei Erika! YA KAN YA KAN YA KAN, CEWE BANGET KAAAN! *oke, ga santai* Btw, thank you udah baca-baca blog gue loh! Malah seneng kok di-komenin! I hope you stay tune... Thank you:)