The Path

Recent Song on Play: This = Love
"Love is why we fall down and get back up again,
This is where the heart lies, this is from above,
Love is this, this is love..."

Hello, it's little miss Don't-Know-Where-To-Pour-Out-Her-Emotions-To-So-She-Turns-To-Blogging again! First blog in August. Can't believe we're coming to an end of 2011 minute by minute. Counting down until we welcome 2012, every year that comes along always stun me, we'll see how this next one goes.

"The path you never chose has chosen you." A line from one of Jason Mraz's song that jumped out the song every time I hear it. Funny how your life sometimes turns out. The things you never thought of doing, you do; and the things you've always wanted to do, are just not the things that are meant for you. A simple reminder that sometimes life is not always a walk in the park. You might want something so bad but it's just not how life turns out. Life might have a different plan for you, no matter how perfect your plan for life is.

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