Que Sera, Sera

I made this on a Sunday, but it's not that I turn religious all of a sudden just because I go to church in the morning. I never feel like I live a perfect life, in fact, I live anywhere near a perfect life, but I live a pretty useful one, so to speak, although it drains a lot of my energy, thinking a little too much of everybody else. But I know I'm supposed to live when my life makes an impact on someone else's life. Whoever said life was easy must have been living a pretty dull one. Some people might question the presence of God. Me? I'm good enough with experiencing His presence through the things He has done in my life. I don't have to see things, taste things, or touch things to know it exist. Sometimes you just need to feel it.

So many people in this world crave of being famous and successful. Being famous and successful are two very different things. Famous means you're well-known, but it can also make you notorious-- which means you're being known for something negative. You can easily be famous, if you pull out a bizarre behavior. Few celebs name came popping in maybe? On the other hand, being successful means you made the most out of what you have, your potentials, talents, skills. (Please don't look at the dictionary, this is the definition made by me. Ha!) So, honestly, would you rather be famous or successful? First... You need to know what you have to do to get to either one.

Passion. This is where the desire pulls you some place. If you have a hard time figuring out your passion, find one thing that you always have a thing for, and secretly good at.

Empathy. What makes you want to do it? Why do you find it interesting? What is it about your passion that moves you?

Interest. It has got to be something you're serious about. Not just some kind of hobby that you currently have a thing for.

Divine intervention. Sometimes you don't know how or why, but it almost seem like doors are slowly opened for you. And no matter how much you try to run away, it just seems to show itself back right to you.

Productive. Of course, it has to be productive. If what you do makes you a better person, then you're on the right track.

Blessing to others. One of the most important thing that you have to remember is that you have to be useful not only to yourself, but for other people as well.

Success. When it's God who does all the work for you, there's no doubt that it will happen sooner or later. Not that you don't have to make any effort, but sometimes you need a much more reliable help to assist you to get where you want to be.

I've heard numerous stories of how pain and struggle can bring out the best potential of people. Like how Charice figured out her talents back in the days where her dad was being abusive of her mother, how she even witnessed her dad pointing a gun towards her mother. It's like she has accessed a place somewhere inside of her that people have never really been to. David Foster himself even admitted that her pain of the past made her talent grew a lot faster. Another example, a man name Sung-Bong Choi, who was abandoned in an orphanage at the 3 and ran away at the age of 5. For 10 years in a row, he lived all by himself. (Hmm... All by himself? Something I definitely can relate to *wink*) He sold energy drinks and gum, he didn't even go to school, his first education was straight up in High School. He auditioned for Korea's Got Talent and the judges were puzzled since he left the "Family" part blank in his application. The story of his journey touched my heart and so did his voice when he started singing. (Hint: He's the male and Korean version of Susan Boyle!) The judges were in awe and by August 20th, he'll be competing in the final and he can win about 280,000 US$ and a car. Click here to see the video.

Many times there's a point where I feel useless, like my life is just going nowhere, but there's always things that remind me that there's a big plan waiting for me. And that's the one thing that keeps me going, a promise. I know God has given me potentials that I would need to dig a little deeper, but once you know His calling, I know it won't be too hard. I know everyone has an equal chance to be successful, it' just that you have to change your ways of thinking. I get intimidated easily when things get tough, but I learn that once you won a battle, it will be even a hundred, million times harder on the next battle to come. You don't have to see things to know it exist. Sometimes all you need to do is believe.

Where success is concerned, people are not measured in inches, or pounds, or college degrees, or family background, they are measured by the size of their thinking.- David Schwartz

keep the faith

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