Why Girls Are Not Boys (D'oh!)

For once, we have something that they don't have. We have ovaries. The future of mankind depends on us woman. They can spray sperms all they want, but if there's no egg, there won't be any babies.

Speaking of kids, I've always had a ticklish feeling every time the thought of giving birth passes by. I've always wanted to be a Mom, but not a wife. See the difference here. Mom means you have kids, but not necessarily giving birth to them. You can adopt them and still become a foster Mom (excuse me, one of the victim of Blind Side). Being a wife is complicated. You take care of your husband, balance the whole household, not to mention if you have one heck of a hectic career. I know you won't be a whole and complete woman if you don't give birth. But I hope in the future I do... Eventually?

Should really stick to the whole "Adoption Without A Spouse" scenario I guess. No more heartbreaks, nothing given more, none taken less. But one thing that you will, one way or another, learn in life-- is that it goes on.

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