All Is Well

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Life is a little confusing. Sometimes I wonder if God really do take care of me, it is something us human do, being doubtful in times of trouble. In times of need, sometimes we opted for a much easier choice just because we're growing weary. But after I saw the bigger picture, I finally came to my senses that it is for the better. Recently, I was offered a job from someone that once had an experience of hiring me as a presenter, but my heart's not entirely in it, because the client wanted me to wear an outfit that is a little "appealing." Not provocative, just a little more engaging than what I used to wear. Some people even think it's normal and okay for an entertainer, but I just wasn't into the whole thing. So I kindly rejected the offer, a little uncertain in the back of my mind, thinking that I might just be regretful afterwards, but I just won't do something just because it produces good money. So a little while after it, someone also offered another job which even made better income and a much more respectful client, he gave me the liberty to wear anything I feel like wearing and he'll take care of it. The job was a breeze and the client felt satisfied with how I did, even wanted to do a lot more in the future. I was just... Amazed and stunned. I was given something that I didn't think about before. Even better than I thought in the first place. Another story that is pretty interesting is that there's recently a job that I was given to, but my friend said she wanted to take the job that I was offered to. So I asked the client if it was okay if my friend takes my slot and the client was nice enough to let her take it. And not long after that, someone actually offered me another job early October and I was thankful that even when I gave someone my right, I was given something better as a prize, even when I didn't see this coming. But my friend canceled last minute, so I still got to do both things, which is... Just out of my surprise. Note that I'm writing all this without the desire to brag. I just want to tell you that everything is going to be okay in the end. And someone like me needs to be reminded all the time, I worry a lot, things like this teaches me that I need to "surrender." And believe... That all is well.
Yes, all is well.

keep the faith

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