Dear Parents...

It's pointless trying to make a point that I fully am up against with.

When we're simply stating a point, we're not trying to act smart, that's when we feel like we have to stand up for ourselves.

We grow up, we get to know things a little better, what you went through in the past is nothing like what we go through in the present.

We understand that you're just trying to protect us, but sometimes you're slightly over-doing it.

No, we don't need you to embarrass us any more than you did.

I'm not going to make the same mistakes that you did, I'm going to make my own mistakes.

The chains you put around us might put our body into confinement, but it only makes our soul run free.

We believe you, but sometimes we know ourselves better than you do.

Basically, we just hate having to argue with you.

We're pretty sure you've been a teenager before, but we're even more sure that we've never been an adult before, sometimes we just expect a little bit of an understanding.

When we're quiet, we hold back the things running in our mind that we fully know can hurt you, because deep down, we just truly love you.

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