Have you ever been surrounded by a group of people that you know but feel so distant from them, almost this lonely feeling? I know it kinda sounded like nonsense, but that can happen too sometimes. Especially if there's someone that you wish were present wasn't there. Many people mistaken the definition of a house and a home. A house is a building that is made up of several rooms, maybe a kitchen and all the furniture that came along with it. Whereas a home, is more than just something you can grasp with your own two hands, home is this secure feeling that is felt whenever you feel safe. Often times people feel home outside their own houses.

A man who is a passionate traveler has just arrived at one of those exotic destinations he has been longing to go to. He always brings his wife along his journey, trying to spend every given moment with his beloved other half. It has always been an adventure, his life to him was never a bore. This man has no trouble with making all the right friends whenever he arrived at a certain place, which helped him a lot whenever he is having a trip at some place. One day while he was bonding with the other natives where he's staying, he was enthusiastically talking about all the places he has traveled to, sharing what was all they need to know about the interesting people he met, the languages he quickly picked up, the sights he has never seen before in travel books and all the stories he has experienced firsthand, until one of the curious man that he's having conversations with asked him a question he has never been asked before. "Isn't it tiring though? Not having a permanent house? To have go here and there all the time, but no place where you can settle?" this man asked with curiosity clouding in his head. The traveler smiled. He gently replied, "Well, you have to know this... Because this kind of life was my choice. Of course those kind of thoughts came haunting me and I still don't know when will I stop living like this," he paused and looked to another direction. "But you see," this traveler continued while raising his glass and pointing towards his wife, "home is wherever she is."

Yes, to me home doesn't provide a roof or come with walls. A house does. Home is what you find in people that you love. A house is not a home because a home is where the heart resides.

keep the faith

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