In The Name Of Love

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What I will be writing about on this post might come across as a sensitive topic, feel free to speak up your mind and cast an opinion, but this is just what I think about it, so I don't force you to take everything too seriously, this is just something from my point of view.

If you have a bag of pebbles with you, will you give it away for free? Sure you will. Pebbles can be found everywhere, even better, anywhere at all. On the pavements, outside the house, it is definitely something that is not a considerable value, of course when you give one out, you have nothing to lose. You can always find another. But what if you're gifted with just one diamond inside a pouch? Of course you wouldn't just give it to anyone, will you? You know the price, the amount of importance it carries. Same goes with virginity. A lot of people take it as if it's not a big deal, they do what they please with it, as if it means nothing.

Take this Brazilian beauty for example, who is big on the runway and not a stranger to magazine covers. She is known for taking Bible to read while getting ready for fashion shows, and never even miss church on Sunday. "Sex is for after marriage," she admitted. "They [men] have to respect that this is my choice. If there's no respect, that means they don't want me," explaining to GQ that she remains a virgin until marriage. Runway, magazine covers... It's no secret that she must be a model. But not just any model, she's Victoria's Secret royalty, Mrs. Adriana Lima, of course. Who the heck is Adriana Lima? Question no more...

Just because she doesn't want sex before marriage, doesn't mean she can't tempt those guys to wanna lay their hands on her :p Just kidding, to me she's just being professional as a model. But still, moral and values are held close to her heart.
"I like to think of myself as the girl that no one can get, that no one can keep in their hand"

Other celebs opening up about their opinion on staying a virgin until marriage are Gary Coleman, Tina Fey, Nick Jonas:3:3:3 (Love of My Life, literally speaking) and Friends' Lisa Kudrow. "It’ll happen when it’ll happen,” said Gary Coleman, “And it’ll happen for all the right reasons. And no one is going to make it happen any sooner."

30 Rock’s greatest, Tina Fey, who is also a writer for Lindsay Lohan's chick flick, Mean Girls, had remained a virgin until she met her husband Jeff Richmond when she was 25. Tina and Jeff had been dating for seven years before they got married in 2001. Now the couple are proud parents to an adorable daughter and later on were gifted with their second child.
Nick Jonas seemed to be the only Jonas Brother who has this purity ring going on these days. Since brother Kevin is married and other brother Joe reportedly bring the ring to rest after spotted with that other Twilight beauty, Ashley Greene. Nick admitted that this purity ring is a symbol, "Promises to ourselves and to God that we’ll stay pure 'til marriage."

Marry me, please, please, please...
...what do you mean desperate? Who's sounding desperate?

Lisa Kudrow lost virginity at the age of 31 when she married her now husband Michael Stern. "I was very uptight and really nervous about my sexuality,” Kudrow admitted and continued on her opinion about it, “My virginity was something I had decided was very precious to give away. It was an honor-- I was bestowing on a young man and he had to be worthy of it.”

Yes, for some people, it might not be something with great value. But to me, since you can only use it once, virginity is best given to someone that is also the one person you will spend the rest of your life with. If someone asked you for sex in the name of love, then they're lying. If they really do love you, they'll do it after they vowed that you're going to be the only person he/she is going to do it with. Give the 'diamond' as a present for your future husband or wife since it can't be found any place else and that it is priceless. Do it in the name of love, real love. So save the best for last. Why rush to sex? You got plenty of time to do so after you're married.

keep the faith

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