Keys To Loving

Deal with the wrong guys, get your heart broken, how else are you going to know if someone's right for you?
If he was to lose you, remember that he's giving up on someone amazing. Know your worth, love yourself. Don't sell yourself short.
Fall in love, fall out of love, forget the rules for a moment, this game has none.
Use your brain, crash even harder. Think it will last, think it will fall apart, embrace every little thing coming your way.
Listen to love songs, sing to them, remember why it all happened, how it all happened.
Don't forget; those things-- good or bad-- make you this way, the person you are right now.
Remember that someone loves you, a friend, a family member, you are someone important to another.
Take risks, deal with the consequences, see if it's all worth it at the end.
You'll never know unless you try.

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